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Thread: MOW tip question

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    Default MOW tip question

    Hi !

    Last month I tried for the first time the new switch chucker / Dually combo, and really like it.

    I have a Dually 7 wt, switch chucker 465 grain, and a Light MOW tip 2.5 float / 7.5 T 8 . Casting with this set up is really nice, and effortless.

    But, maybe I don't go deep enought....

    So, what can you recommend me to go deeper :

    - Light MOW tip 10 or 12.5 foot T8 sink ?

    - Med MOW tip 2.5 float/ 10 T 11 ?


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    blackbugger Guest

    Default Re: MOW tip question

    You could buy some T material and make your own tips.

    Maybe buy some T-11 and cut it to length of your rod (a good all around starting point) and then cut back further as needed.

    I haven't used MOW tips. I've just bought 30ft lengths of t-8, t-11, t-14, and t-17 and then cut them in 10 and 12 foot lengths and then built loops on the ends.

    So far I haven't had any issues casting any of them with my Skagit heads on both my 12'6" 6wt and my 13'3" 7/8.

    I understand the idea behind the MOW tips but haven't really felt the need to use them. T material cut to whatever length I want has worked fine for me but I haven't tried casting any tips under 6-7 feet in length.

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