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    Default Re: Beulah Platinum Switch Line Recommendation

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for all your replies and suggestions.

    I thought I'd share with you all what I've found having spoken to both Beulah and Rio today.

    The recommended Beulah Elixir Switch 400 line has a head grain rating of 400gr and is designed to be used with separately purchased 10-11' poly leaders up to a max of 90gr (i.e. total weight 490gr).

    The Rio Scandi Short Versitip 8wt line shows on Rio's website as having a head weight of 485gr which is incorrect as this should read - head weight 400gr plus versitip 85gr. Rio has a link called 'Click for line profile' above the table which should show this but it doesn't work on an ipad - doh!

    It's been an education!


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    Default Re: Beulah Platinum Switch Line Recommendation

    Quote Originally Posted by tyler_durden View Post
    Rod power ratings in the spey/switch world are basically meaningless. One company's 7wt may pair with a 400gr head and another company's 7wt may pair with a 500gr head. Take the Beulah recommended grain weight and buy any company's line.

    That being said, the Rio Scandi Versitip is a confusing line. It is rated according to the weight of the head plus the tip. Pretty much every other line out there is rated according to just the head. If you bought the 485gr Rio Versitip then the head probably weighs something like 400gr (the Rio site should say) which is likely too light to work well as a skagit head for your rod. Furthermore, when you add the floating tip and try to use the line as a scandi you'll probably find that 485gr is too heavy to use as a scandi line. Confusing, isn't it. This all might sound like obsessive-compulsive nitpicking but once you get into spey casting you'll realize that 30gr diiference in a line means a lot.

    My suggestion is to stick with the Beulah recommended head weights or call Steve Godshall to make you a custom line for the same price as a commercial line. Also, if you go with a head system then you only need one reel (and one spool) to use with any variety of lines or rods. Just leave the running line on the spool and swap out the heads.
    I must add that Beulah Platinum series in Switch and Spey according to one of the Beulah Reps that I have been talking to need less grain weight to cast. Bruce the Beulah rep wrote to me that actually their Beulah Platinum 6wt 10'4" switch, 5wt 11'7" Spey are using the same grain weight as the Sage One 4wt 11'6" switch rod. That means the 6wt Platinum Switch cast 325 Beulah Tonic Skagit line while the Sage One 4116 needs 325 skagit short for their 4wt.

    How do you like that 8wt by the way?
    I am highly qualified to comment in this forum after receiving a Specialized High Intensive Training (S.H.I.T) at the Olde Schitt Institute of Technology (O.S.H.I.T).

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