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    Default Single-hand spey questions

    I apologize for the redundant post but had a couple of questions and was having a hard time finding specific answers.

    1. What do you look for when single-hand spey rod? a slow rod? a fast rod? ultra fast rod? how about the length? is a longer rod better?

    2. Spey lines, can someone describe the line set up and how its different from a conventional WF or DT line? Do i need a special type of line to do the various spey casts?

    Sorry complete noob here.

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    Default Re: Single-hand spey questions

    "What do you look for when single-hand spey rod?"

    In don't believe there are any spey rods designed for single hand casting. Spey rods are for two handed casting. So, I assume you meant what is a good single hand rod for spey casting. Single hand rods go to around 10 ft. in length. Switch rods are from about 10.5 to 11.5 feet in length. Anything over 12ft. is considered a spey rod.

    A switch rod is designed to be cast either with one or two hands. So, the line can be aereolized with a single hand overhead cast. Depending on the size of the water and fish you may want to consider a switch rod. If used on a very small streams then perhaps a single hander of 9-10 ft. would be the best choice.

    Spey lines have evolved a great deal in the decade. Double taper lines work well for single hand casting. And it is said that the wollf triangle taper is a good one.

    Most people are using a shooting head system for switch and spey rods. This is made up of 20-30 ft head. With a 8-15ft sink tip or long mono leader added to the front end. Looped on to the back end of the head is around 100ft of running line. Then enough dacron backing line to fill the reel, is attached to the end of the running line. Preferably, over 100 yards of backing.

    I like fast single had rods, but I do not roll cast them. I prefer my spey rods a little slower to help me feel the rod load. I do not own a switch rod because I have no use for one. Rod action is a personal preference as developed with one's casting style. That is why it is highly reccomended to cast a rod before purchasing it.

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    Default Re: Single-hand spey questions

    I prefer shorter rod when doing single handed spey. I use 8 1/2 rod mostly. A shorter rod is easier for casting. I use a regular line. You can see in this video how I do it:

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    Default Re: Single-hand spey questions

    A couple lines that help...

    Mastery VPT
    Rio Outbound Short
    Rio Single Hand Spey (Great line)
    Rio Gold is not bad either
    Barrio SLX (Good buy)

    Some of these have a long fine front taper , you can always cut it back if you want to carry a heavier load ...if you can bring yourself to hacking up a new line.

    Any rod will do it with the right line and skill set. Simon G. in his book (SHS) uses a TCX but that is Simon. I like a rod with a little more flex, present steelhead SH in favor is a T&T NS II 906 with Rio Gold 7 or OBS 7/I...streamers but it should work with an indy rig.

    Hope that helps a little ..........

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    Default Re: Single-hand spey questions

    I would use the longest rod that you are comfortable with for all day fishing. The extra length of a ten foot rod over a nine foot rod can really help when mending, slowing the swing, working changing depths, etc. Also a longer rod, gives you an obviously longer lever so that you might find you can use a more relaxed casting style.

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    Default Re: Single-hand spey questions

    Another video this one from Red's Fly Shop this time pushing the Wulff Triangle taper Single Spey line on a 9' Sage 5wt rod.

    I also liked this one from Skagitmaster using a 9' 6wt rod.

    I personally prefer to use a rod that is medium fast to fast with a quick recovery rate. I can see an advantage to using a longer rod but I have no problem using rods from 8' to 9' for single spey casts. You do not need a special rod or line to learn and use this technique. However, as you get better at it and want to shoot line farther than a specialized line can help with that.
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    Default Re: Single-hand spey questions

    This answer may be me overly simplistic but I have found than any rod/line combo that will roll cast well will singlehand spey enough to fish. Moderately fast rods with a slightly heavy line seem to be fine. Rod length sized for the water.

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    Default Re: Single-hand spey questions

    Quote Originally Posted by ia_trouter View Post
    This answer may be me overly simplistic but I have found than any rod/line combo that will roll cast well will singlehand spey enough to fish. Moderately fast rods with a slightly heavy line seem to be fine. Rod length sized for the water.
    Agreed , and when you actually take a look at the distances you are really fishing , I found many of these lines and rods will do the task at hand. There is a cut off point (distance and load) where you go from the SH to the 2 hander. That point determined by skill set rather than gear. I'm defining my own limitations , some I can change and others I will fish with ....and be happy.

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    Default Re: Single-hand spey questions

    When I hold my 9ft rod at full extension of my arm, and an 11 switch at the same position with my elbow down, the tips are even.
    This allows old guys to fish all day.......and still be effective.
    If you are a elbow up kind of caster, you will learn to keep it down, or wear yourself out.
    I enjoy singlehanding my 6wt rod, but could see that if I didn't fish a lot, the 5wt would be sweet as well.. a little lighter...
    Rio's fresh water Salmo/Steelhead line is wonderful. Go two lines up at least.
    I don't use a shooting head because mends are not effective once you are past the head..
    With the long belly lines you can throw a mend out to 60ft.
    This makes for a goooood drift.
    And a good drift is mandatory.......


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    Default Re: Single-hand spey questions

    I single hand Spey cast 2 rods, either a Helios 2 5 weight 10' & an Sage TCX 697, but with both rods I like throwing a OPST Commando head.
    It depends on the day & what I'm doing usually walk & wading I have the Orvis so I can switch to another spool for dries, or another spool with an indicator line.
    The TCX gets carried in the boat & will get switched from an indicator nymphing setup to the OPST for swinging.
    Both rods seem to be able to handle some decent sized streamers, but I like the extra length for leverage & to be able to make some larger mends. I'm sure a shorter rod would work just as well but I like the longer rods for the versatility to do other things

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