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    Default Re: Switch rod IN the Great Lakes

    Don't worry how far you can cast, most of the fish I've hooked were withing 30 feet of my boots.

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    Yep. Most of the fish I've caught have been that close, too. But these fish are not patrolling that close to shore.... thus the need for new tactics

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    Default Re: Switch rod IN the Great Lakes

    I think I can picture what you're doing now... I fish the same way at a local river mouth, but instead of a long cast I throw 30-50 feet of line, and then feed line into it as the current takes it out to the lake. A stripping basket makes it easier.

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    Default Re: Switch rod IN the Great Lakes

    Quote Originally Posted by sjkirkpa View Post
    Since I won't have a moving river to load the rod, I'm thinking that I should learn how to do a 2 handed overhead cast with a switch rod. Does this make sense?
    That makes sense, I fish in tidal water for salmon occasionally and that is exactly what I do. With a beach to my rear I can get a 45' or longer head in the air along with a 13' leader and then shoot line behind it on the way out.

    Even if you get the casting down quickly, in order to be hitting 60 feet it is harder than it may seem. Most people using a switch rod will end up with a line having somewhere in the neighborhood of a 20 - 23 foot head. When you think about it, depending on how long the leader is you need to shoot 30 foot of running line behind that head to reach 60 foot or better.

    The key thing may be that if you learn how to cast your rod and line well, you may find many circumstances where the Spey style casts in 50 to 60 feet will serve you well and like I said earlier, it will be easier than a single hand cast. You'll enjoy the experience of learning this I'm sure.

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    Thanks, All.

    I'm looking forward to learning about 2 handed rods. Thanks for you input. Now I need to go do some research on rods, lines, reels, etc.... Should be fun.

    - Sean

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    Default Re: Switch rod IN the Great Lakes

    I suggest going for a 13 1/2 or 14 foot Spey rod. I fish Superior's shores a lot and it can produce some decent fish. Any water flow into the lake can be a productive area that attracts fish. I'm also in the U.P. and since I started 2 handing, I'm never bored. I have several suggestions and if your interested, P.M. me.

    Welcome to a great forum.
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    Default Re: Switch rod IN the Great Lakes

    I fish both still and moving water with switch rods all the time. Moving water is the utopia for 2H but you don't always need moving water to cast double hand well. Stripping a lot of line is the game in still water streamer fishing with single or double hand rods, we can't avoid it. Double hand rods will make the distance casting with bigger payload easier while keeping the flexibility to cast to any directions in stillwater.

    The casting mechanism isn't much different either, once you have the muscle memory and the stubbornness to learn it you'll be a Jedi. I am a stubborn Padawan and still learning the art.

    Please Note. In stillwater, your sink tip will sink like a rock which good because now you can learn the right timing to compensate for the river current moving your anchor down river. Another good thing about learning 2H in stillwater is that you'll be force to load the rod without the tension from the current.

    I think you will do very well with the latest integrated head to running line systems. Where there is no loop to loop connection to catch on your guides and they come both in Scandi and Skagit head types.

    Here is what I do I am streamer fishing with an 11ft 5wt switch rod. I would strip the back of the shooting head up to 18" from the tip top. I'll stop stripping and I pinch the running line with my pinky finger to mark it and continue stripping the head all the way in until I can see the back of the leader/tip. I will then lift the tip of the rod slowly to give a chaser a chance to bite before perry poke or rolling cast the head out without releasing the pinched line go. This way, in 1~2 moves I can have all the shooting head out plus that 18" hang line (shoot...can't remember the right term) and ready to cast out again.
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    Default Re: Switch rod IN the Great Lakes

    Sean - you may want to contact John at the Great Lakes Fly Co in Duluth. He is very enthusiastic about Spey casting I would bet he fishes the mouths of the North Shore streams or has set up people for this. There are planted Kamloops available in Lake Superior near and in the rivers north of Duluth and I think a few people Spey fish for them (minority compared to spin fishermen with jigs or bait though).

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    Default Re: Switch rod IN the Great Lakes

    Sure you can cast on a lake shore and you can get good distance too.

    The most distance I've achieved is with a long rod and a long belly spey line but short skagit heads work just fine and Scandinavian lines for light flies and calm days.

    To cast far you have to practice and get good, there is no way around that.

    I know people that are very successful catching steelhead and kamloops (our hatchery steelhead) off shore, maybe even more successful than swinging rivers on any given day. People catch large lake trout at the river mouths casting to the far flow on the lake and letting it sink and slowly swing across.

    The very best time for shore fishing is to be there at the start of legal fishing a half hour before sunrise. The fish are close, very close so be aware. You never know what you might catch! I have seen 50 coaster Brook trout have been caught and released this year so far. That is great! 20 pound lakers, salmon...a lot of action and food near the river mouths in the spring on a very cold sterile lake, you know the fish are around.

    Go to the superior fly angler in Superior Wisconsin.

    Generally most spey guys on our end of the lake have one spey rod and one switch rod for smaller rivers.

    Stripping streamers work, but tying up a large nymph and stripping that in works really well, looking to the fish as a hatch is starting out of the rocks.

    You don't need moving water to cast, that is a myth, you just need water.

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    Thanks, All. Some great comments. Lots to learn and lots of practice ahead.

    I've lived on Lake Superior for the past 7 years and pretty much never fished it. I think this will open up a lot of new water for me.

    Rockriver - I'll send you a pm

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