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    Default Re: Salt water help needed

    I'm also a newbie to the world of two-hand fly casting, I have been learning on my new Echo 6w 11' switch. I'm moving to 2-hand because of shoulder issues. I went with a switch rod because I need to cast overhead in rough surf for stripers. However I have fished one hand for many years.

    Do your research--spey is a complex (and expensive) world. I've had my rod on the water 3 times and I'm already getting the same distance I get on my 1-hand 7 and 8 weight rods. I'm using a straight overhead cast (after a quick roll cast to get my line on the surface). For more distance, you might consider a proper spey rod (13-14') rather than a switch. Just my 2 cents from a newbie perspective.

    BTW, the line I'm using is an Airflo 8w Coldwater Sniper 40+ Intermediate with fast sinking head. Love it.
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    Default Re: Salt water help needed

    Not sure you need an 8wt switch...... a 7wt is a lot of rod.....
    I have the "Death star" sage 7wt. spey, which is good for 10-15lb class. But, I often prefer a 6wt switch for steelhead and stripers...
    I would borrow before I buy........

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    I used to use spey rods for stripers and likedit a lot. Mostly cape Cod. Now I live far away...:-( Reason for "used to".
    Swinging for bass is fun! But I would like to make a point that I would not recommend any long rod and stick to shorter sticks as it is much more convieninet to land the fish and- more important- to strip streamers when needed.
    Stripping flies with long rod it is no fun, you have much better control striping with 11' max 12' rods. They feel much more comfortable.
    Also, there are very few spots you can spey cast for stripers and usually only during particular phese of tide. Therefore I often cast overhead and would match the line for overhead casting. Yes, you will cast much farther with it too and it is often needed.

    6, 7, 8 weight 11' to 12'. With truly large flies 7 or 8 will do without any problems.

    As for the lines, due to need for stripping flies, I would not recommend heads+running and strongly suggest integrated "one piece" lines/heads.
    My standard for striper was always Intermediate.

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