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    Default Looking For Opinions 15 Spey

    Got my airfare and I’m off to Sweden in July. Going to be fishing the Swedish Lapland area possibly Norway as well.

    Suggested rods are, 14’-16’ 9-11 WT. I’d like to stay on the lower end as it could be something I can use on the Great Lakes and the St. Mary’s.

    I’m looking for used, I don’t have a ton of money for another rig right now faster action and semi light. Heading over to Speyco on Friday Get my reel serviced might pick up spey reel, Tim and I might fish the St. Mary’s.

    I suppose I’m looking for something that can handle 40lbs of Atlantic Salmon.

    Massive Rivers, long casts, sea beasts that catch six feet of air.

    I don’t think I can be ready for this.
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    Default Re: Looking For Opinions 15 Spey

    I find many very nice casting 15ft rods in the used section in NE fly shops.
    They sell for $250-$350 range,,,, no need to spend $1,000+ on a new rod.
    Unfortunately, I just sold off a Sage 10150-4 TCR in mint condition.

    When you decide on a rod,,, send me a PM,,, I have a large selection of longer belly lines that I do not use anymore. RIO Windcutters, Mid Speys, Accelerators and Grand Spey lines,, all in excellent condition and only used for demos and classes.


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    Default Re: Looking For Opinions 15 Spey

    After a few phone calls and getting more information my rod with speyco reel is going to work just fine. One of my contacts just went to a 13’ from 15’.

    I did find a deal on a 13’ Sage my is echo on backup. Did not spend a lot.

    Going to fish the long rio Scandinavian versileader size #8 line. Should also work for fishing on the home turf as well.

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