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    I like the looks of the Echo Swing Switch and the purple version of the Dually.

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    I'm relatively new to spey fishing and even newer to the Salmon River NY but have found an 11'6" 7wt switch provides a lot of versatility.

    In early October I spent a week steelheading the Klickitat in Washington. Originally I intended to fish Scandi lines on a 13' 7 wt, but as the pools were deep and not particularly long or wide I ended up using a Sage One 11'6" 7wt with a 475 Scandi Short and T-something heavy tip for the week. I purchased the Sage One when it was discontinued at a steep discount. Given the relationship with Sage and Redington I would not be surprised if the 11'6" 7wt Dually is very similar if not the same blank with a different paint job made overseas. The rod was great at throwing long but what really impressed me was the ability to fish short. I ended up catching several wild steelhead on the trip up to 10#'s. My first steelhead of the week hit on the swing with the MOW tip with only several feet of the Skagit head out.

    A week after returning from the Klickitat I fished the same 11'6" 7wt in the the upper fly zone on the Salmon River. Got skunked although found this outfit with a Skagit head formed great D loops in the tight quarters I was fishing. The previous spring I'd used this rod around the 2A bridge with a 420 Scandi and 10" poly leader and found the rod performed great in this situation as well. I've never indicator nymphed the rod but have done enough overhead single hand casting with streamers and found it light enough not to be fatiguing.

    Overall the 11'6" 7wt will enable you to make all the sustained anchor casts with a Skagit and touch and go casts with a Scandi.


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