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    Default Re: Short switch rods...

    Build one!!

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    Default Re: Short switch rods...

    One day I’d love to be able to do that. Unfortunately now is not that time. With any luck maybe in a few years I will make the time to be more hands on with this sport. As of now, I’m a mere consumer.

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    Default Re: Short switch rods...

    [QUOTE=Ard;1288054]They have their place although I didn't specifically buy one. I guess you could say I owned one before they became known as 'Switch Rods'.

    Mine is a 1984 Orvis Light Salmon 9'6" with a 3 1/2" extension butt. It's an 8 weight that I've used a Javelin line on for years. A Javelin is a British micro brand very similar to the Rio Outbound or now their S.H. Spey lines. So you can call it a Scandi line having a34 foot head with integrated vinyl runner. It makes a fine small stream or braided river trout and light salmon rod.

    I tried to point another member toward a ten foot 9 weight in mint condition on the auction site but he was not interested. A nine weight in the old Orvis full flex graphite will use a line in the 325 to 375 grain range. The action of the rods lends itself to spey casting or overhead as needed. The bottom cork is removeable which I find a nice touch on shorter rods.

    The rod for sale has been relisted and the seller is prepared to accept offers. It's a 3 piece rod, if I didn't already own the 9 1/2 foot eight weight I would have bought the 10 instantly on sight. Just search Orvis Graphite Rod on the auction, I'd start at 200 because I think it's worth it. If anyone buys it please let me know, I already know you'll like it.

    Ard, it was me you referred this rod to and greatly appreciated. I it a little large for what I am fishing - Great Lake Tributaries but it would be an awesome Rod. Love your opinions and get great advice from your posts!

    My wife seen me tying flies and buying a reel so has been really paying attention to my bank account....but if she turns a blind eye...still eyeing that rod

    Great forum for getting good information.
    Life is too short to not own at least one piece of Hardy fly fishing gear

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    I just finished a 9'6" 6wt (yesterday) . It is a med flx fast action rod . Havent fished it tho . You can build one of these a lot cheaper than buying them and it's not rocket science . Be careful tho , I started about 8 mos ago and now have over 30 rods sitting around , it's addicting .

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