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    Default Frankenstein switch rod

    I recently sold my fav 5wt 11ft Gloomis GLX Roaring River switch to make a room for the Gloomis IMX Pro 5wt 11'11" .... but kinda regretted it. But luckily, when I bought that GLX it came with a spare set of 3 top tips only without the grip section.

    So, I sent the 3 pieces to Steve and gave him a call and told him my recipe for the grips and to make it a 10ft rod since I already have the 51111 and voila a week later I received the whole thing back. And as always Steve went beyond my expectation in his craftsmanship.

    That afternoon I strung 7 ft of straight mono leader onto Sage Performance bass taper 330 and cast the new rod in the park. Felt so good, took it out to Big Bear Lake and tested it the old shooting heads - running line - tips combo and full lines that were used by it's predecessor and thought it actually casts better and easier.

    I later bought the Hatch All Saltwater 350 grain full sinking line for the beach, welded a loop onto it and added 10ft of straight mono leader and I am speechless. I just couldn't stop from waving that stick silly.

    I don't know much about tapers but I've got myself a magic wand here, just need to fish it.

    here is my new fav, my co-worker named it Oceanside.

    I don't always catch fish; but when I do I scream like a little girl.

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    Default Re: Frankenstein switch rod

    What a great story. I've got two GLX single-handers and absolutely love them--I can see why you'd want a new one made.

    And is that a Danielsson reel? Nice combo indeed.


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    Default Re: Frankenstein switch rod

    Scott, yeah absolutely loved them too. and yes that is a Danielsson L5W 6Nine.
    I don't always catch fish; but when I do I scream like a little girl.

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    Default Re: Frankenstein switch rod

    You're using that for surf casting or saltwater fishing? It would be also be one sweet set-up for trout and smaller steelhead.

    How do you like the Danielsson? I've been thinking of a 6Nine for my 8 weight single-hand GLX Native Run, my favourite salmon/steelhead stick.


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    Default Re: Frankenstein switch rod

    Hi Scott, it intended for the surf and for the American shad, trout, bass, and summer steelhead just like its predecessor.

    about the Danielsson, I really like them; they are machined to high tolerance, the drag works, price appropriately and they hold their values. For $135~$250 you'll get everything that you need from a reel.

    Here is a Danielsson reel review from youtube.

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    I don't always catch fish; but when I do I scream like a little girl.

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    Default Re: Frankenstein switch rod

    After using this Frankenstein Rod exclusively for a month or so by doing single hand and double hand casting I almost know the true nature of this chopped off rod.

    Single hand casting; with several lines like Rio OB 330 S, Sage Bass II 330 and SA Speylite Intergrated 330. I am almost certain this rod likes longer taper than shorter taper for single hand.

    The SA Spey lite at 17ft with almost no rear taper was ugly especially when I had running line out the tip during the false casting. I had to feed some line out in the 1st front cast and the line already loaded the rod in the initial pick up with a short haul, feed more line during the 2nd back cast and cast out. Rod angle has to be high in the backcast to compensate for heavy short head and thin running line so it wouldn't drop to far. Can't do more than 2 backcasts and rushed. Easy long and short distance and can switch to double hand cast in a jiffy.

    The Rio OBS 330 intermediate with longer rear taper is asking for this rod to be a faster rod but not rushed. More stable in the air, more time to feel your backcast. Easy long and short distance as well. The rod can only pick up 10'-15' of the sinking head slowly to start the backcast.

    The Sage II 330 with a bit of longer more progressive taper feels more natural, I could take my time and enjoy the false casting a bit. Very stable in the air, easy short cast but needs more line outside the rod tip to achieve longer distance.

    I think a single hand line with around 40FT taper in 330 grain will be the utopia for this rod.

    As for double hand, it can do what the 11ft predecessor can do, but different anchor position better for shorter cast and accuracy. fighting fish, more control and since I don't understand about rod tapers; I think missing a foot on the bottom section improves the pulling power.

    I have this brilliant idea as I am typing this to test this rod with my friend's baitcaster and see if I can flip a jig or cast a small crank bait.
    I don't always catch fish; but when I do I scream like a little girl.

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