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winxp_man 02-05-2013 12:28 AM

Sage One #7 12-6
Well guys I have been able to fish for about 2 1/2 weeks and land 9 winter steelhead and lost about 25 maybe even more I lost count. But anyways I am 1000% happy with my Sage One 7126-4 Spey rod that I just dont have complaints about and can handle the big winter steelhead just perfect with out an issue. I friend of mine has the #6 Sage One spey and he just loves how mine can handle the big winter guys. I would recommend this rod to anyone wanting a solid rod for winter steelhead. I even managed to hook about a 20-25 pound female salmon that ended up snapping my leader but the rod was just fine with no issues to worry about :)

I have a picture thread of some of the fish in the Pacific thread section.

drahcirb 02-11-2013 04:58 PM

Re: Sage One #7 12-6
I'm new to spey fishing and just got me the one 7136-4. I'm fishing bigger rivers and thought the extra lenght would be nice. Anyways I was wondering what kind of line you where using. From reading this forum looks like a new caster (me) should start with a skagit. Especially with bigger flys and sink tips. But I'm lost on what tips I need. Do I have to buy them seperate or is there some lines that come with all what I need. Also what size running line are you using. Got my rod and reel now just need to figure out all these line options! Then of course how to cast :icon_bigg

petee 02-13-2013 05:49 PM

Re: Sage One #7 12-6
Excellent news. Read nothing but good about the Sage "One" Spey & Switch rods. Glad to read a report from one of the forum on theirs. I have a Sage "One" 7116-4 switch blank in the mail. After reading your report, I can't wait to get on the build.


winxp_man 03-03-2013 05:57 PM

Re: Sage One #7 12-6
Drahcirb the line I'm using is the 500 gr Skagit Flight head and I ended up also buying a airflo 540 gr intermediate line. I would not necessarily say its for beginners it's all part of spey casting the issue is what type of distance are you looking at casting... (As in wide rivers) and what kind of flies te smaller flys the scandin heads will do fine. For large leeches and stuff of this sort the skagit will preform way better.

Petee I ended up gettin a Sage One 4116-4 (the #4 switch rod that is) I have not had the chance to take it out yet for trout but will soon. I also got a TCX switch in #6 and love that one to. I actually hooked a sucker fish while tryin to get into some early sprin steelhead here in Oriville, CA and thought it was a steelhead that is until I saw it on shore hahah either way it was fun bending the rod a little. Sage makes good rod plain and simple :)

thenewlushlife 02-07-2014 11:41 PM

Re: Sage One #7 12-6
The sage one 7126 has more butt strength and requires heavier grains to load than than the 7136 due to its shorter length just so you know. For your 7136 one you should look at the airflo skagit compact in 480 or 510 grains. However if I were you as a beginner I would get the airflo rage compact 480. It's a scandi/skagit hybrid line and is easier and more enjoyable to cast than a skagit. Plus it will help your casting timing so you'll be able to switch between scandi and skagit better. The rage can handle up to a type-8 sink tip nicely as well as fast sinking poly-leaders. Polys are much easier for a beginner to cast and unless the river is more than 1000 CFs you don't need a full blown sink tip or tungsten (T- material). I should also mention a longer belly line such as nextcast fall favorite or airflo delta Spey will handle sink tips well and will make you a much better caster than shooting heads. They are more difficult to cast but once you get the timing down with a more traditional Spey line, you can cast anything! Good luck

djergensen 03-06-2014 04:48 PM

Re: Sage One #7 12-6
Just got a Sage One 5wt... 11'6''... I live in Colorado, and have used it on some of the bigger streams here and love how much more of the river I can fish now. Haven't yet learned how to swing flies, but I am excited to learn more about how to use the rod to its full potential. I haven't met anyone else out here using one, but I am excited for that day on the river someday, hopefully soon.

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