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fredaevans 04-03-2013 06:02 PM

To day with the 11' 'glass' rod and a custom cut for same from...
Steve Godshall here in Medford.

He thinks this un-numbered blank is a 6/7 and line (Scandi head) built for same For context, Steve built the rod for me. Effortless to cast, other 2hander casters on the beach and 'Can I try that rod?"

Hand over and just go sit on the MH tow bar in front of the Jeep with Sandy my Yellow Lab and have a smoke, or two, or three. They don't want to give the rod/line back.

Repeating myself, but have a 'new' 8136-4-IIIe Sage and this Puppy needs to be properly lined up. Just talked it up with the "Master" and 'for chucking full on sink tips/big flies."

Hell of it was I called him on his cell and he answered 'What's up Fred?' :eek:

End game of this is 'he knows you, where you fish, for what, water conditions, et. al., and you get a dialed in fly line for a specific rod, etc.?

Guy really has 'Magic Fingers' when it comes to building lines. And I get no 'Joy Fulls' save for being out on the water.


Steve = 541 840 2594

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