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  1. Default Alpine Lakes - Summer

    Is a chironomid nymph rig still a good approach at this piont in the summer for alpine lakes, or is it more of a spring-time thing? Thanks.

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    Welcome to the forum adrider.

    They are still working in our ponds but I hardly think there is a place in Connecticut that anyone would call "Alpine".

    Tight lines,


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    In lake where Chironomids are present, they are in there and a major food source for fish 12 months out of the year. Even in lakes that freeze over.

    The important thing for anglers is to be aware of the size, which does change from one season to the next. A good searching fly is a bright red Chiro with a white of silver bead head, fished a foot off the bottom. Every lake is a little different, but in the hotter months I would focus in 10-15' of water and look for open mud/sand/marl bottom amongst aquatic vegetation.

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    Great! Thank you for the warm welcome, and for the tips. I've mainly been fishing the front range rivers since moving to Denver this spring...but my cousin is visiting, so I thought some lake fishing might be in order, so he can throw a cast master and do some low key fishing.

    Anyone have tips on good lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park or Indian Peaks wilderness? I was thinking Lost Lake of Rainbow Lakes, but I don't now much.

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    I rarely nymph in alpine lakes. My favorite is fishing. Beetle or humpy/wulff or other bushy dry pattern. Love surface take though tend to be smaller fish
    - William

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    Default Re: Alpine Lakes - Summer

    Chironomids (midges) are an all year food source.

    You'll want to try some different colors.

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    Default Re: Alpine Lakes - Summer

    Some good info on this site. Fly Fishing Rocky Mountain National Park

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