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    Default Re: Gotta Love When a Plan Comes Together

    Quote Originally Posted by markm View Post

    Where you fishing under an indicator with the AP emerger and the scud?


    No. You can, and I have, but most of the time I am fishing those flies on a slow (short) strip and pause retrieve. More often than not those Cutt's slam the fly just as the strip starts after a pause. I change it up from 3-count to 6 count (or higher) until I consistently hit fish.

    One of the best bites at Little Dell is when the Callibaetis start hatching. Tremendous mid morning action.

    "We fish for pleasure; I for mine, you for yours." -James Leisenring

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    Default Re: Gotta Love When a Plan Comes Together

    Well, months of planning are finally done. Manic tying of chironomids and other goodies will hopefully pay off. I'll be in SLC tomorrow and throw a few flies at Strawberry and maybe Little Dell for the next couple of days. I'll post a report as it happens.

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