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Thread: Koi, anyone?

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    I was out yesterday playing with bluegills, but looking for carp. One big ol' goldfish has been hanging around the same place for months. (2500 acre lake) Maybe 20#. He was still cruising. Bigger than anything I've seen before and easy to spot. I've tried but not had it take on several trips. He looked a couple times but backed off. Saw a white one, a tad bit smaller but same result. Couldn't bring myself to kill the fish if I ever caught one.

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    60 acres is a pond & a half or more ! With all the fish you pointed out. One koi is not a problem.
    With the mention of C&R. Big koi , like food brought to them. Tributaries that have a drop into main body. A few inches , enough to cause disturbance of water. Or a fall emptying into pond. Are likely spots to see koi.

    ...... pc

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    Quote Originally Posted by ia_trouter View Post
    Probably over-reacting but they are just making a point perhaps. Some knucklehead near me poured an aquarium of goldfish in his farm pond. A few years later you throw some feed in and the surface boils orange. It's quite impressive but the pond is screwed. Thousands of goldies in a 1/4 acre pond.
    My neighbor did the same thing. After years of big fish kills he gave up stocking catfish and bluegill and tossed a bunch of goldfish in and now traps them to run trotlines on the Missouri river.


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