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    Default Preferences on intermediate lines?

    My 20 year old Rio intermediate 5 wt needs to be replaced. Candidates include Intouch Camolux from Rio and either camo or clear lines from Cortland.

    I think the Cortland lines are closer to a true 5 wt and less expensive. Anyone have a preference for either of these lines for fishing in the shallows with nymphs and scuds? Casting in the wind is also a consideration since I am in Wyoming.

    Thanks for your thoughts.


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    james w 3 3 Guest

    Default Re: Preferences on intermediate lines?

    I'm using the Cortland clear intermediate on my 4wt for my stillwater trout fishing . . .
    Love it! Sink rate is on the slower side which is advantageous.
    However, when fishing the shallows I always use AirFlo Ridge Clear floating.
    Given that I'm almost always fishing pretty shallow, the floating line gets used about 90% of the time. Not cheap, and hard to find, but I'm convinced the clear floating is a big advantage.

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    Default Re: Preferences on intermediate lines?

    Jim, I do much the same as far as floating, especially later in the season when weeds grow in the shallows. But in the early season, I tend to use the intermediate in those same shallows.

    Does your Cortland line load your rod and cast well in the wind. I will be using it on an older Sage (RPL+) which is a pretty fast rod. It casts perfectly with a Rio Gold floating line.



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    james w 3 3 Guest

    Default Re: Preferences on intermediate lines?

    I'm casting it with a Zenith 4w 9', a pretty fast rod.
    It's a good match in my experience.

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  7. Default Re: Preferences on intermediate lines?

    After wearing out my 2 old Cortland Clear Camo intermediate lines, I bought a couple of Rio Aqualux II intermediate lines last year and they have worked great for me. They seem to sink just slightly slower than my old Cortland Clear Camo lines did, which I like.

    I tried a Rio Camolux, but didn't care for the texture/feel and the color that much. Even though the Aqualux II lines are not camo colored, I have not noticed any difference in fish fooling ability compared to the Cortland Camo, and the Aqualux II is a better caster with less line memory in my opinion.

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