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    Ditto Rip Tide's reply guys....contour maps not only give you a hint as to where the deeper area(s) may be it should display what and where any brooks/creeks enter(or connect any two ponds) to give trout some cooler water and often a potential zone for insects to breed/hatch...often at more than a few times/year depending on what types of insect and/or baitfish inhabit the pond(s). Take time to scout out those brooks/creeks to check out which one(s) may be more apt to harbor insect life. Also use the contour map(s) to follow any entering brooks out into the pond as often springholes will be a continuence of any brook. Check the pond(s) for any structures in the ponds...rock piles, logs that've/were dumped in etc...where food & trout can hide.. Seldom are springholes and baitfish or insects found out in the deepest areas or middle of the pond(s). Trout are avid predators of baitfish along dropoffs, especially in the coolest hours of the day...which is usually in the early AM hours as well. Get down to their levels of feeding, wherever, with slow/medium sinking or intermediate lines..weighted/unweighted bucktail/streamer/nymph...or even a floating line with weighted bucktails/streamers/nymphs, let sink then retrieve erratically. ...AND, if there is any brush on any shore....insects can get blown into the pond on windy days and there will be formed a line where they'll drift . Trout find these lines and just like in a stream, will set up their own lies and wait to the food to come to them. Hope you get a trout population down there...

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    Forget about wasting time or money tying or buying fancy flashy flies. Tie a bare #14 or #16 scud hook to your tippet. Stop by WalMart and pick up the cheapest can of whole kernel corn they have. Put half of this in a cup then put one kernel on your hook. Throw the corn that's in the cup up and out about 30 to 40 feet. When it hits the water the stockers will recognize that sound and come running. Cast your "fly" out in the mix and get ready.
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    Bonneville Dam on the Columbia has a hatchery that has a pond with massive trout you can feed. Cost of feed is .25 for a small handful. I just wish I would remember to buy a bucks worth.

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