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    Default Re: Reason to fly fish stillwater :-)

    Iím gearing up for a Stillwater trip this weekend as it happens. Part of a work-related trip to the Rockies. Tied some new flies, oiled and cleaned the reels, mended the wading boots. The water I have in mind never sees much pressure since itís pretty far away from any major towns or cities. The waters are rich and the trout grow big and fast. Great, stark scenery, big trout, quiet, and clean, high plains air. Whatís not to love about that?!

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    Default Re: Reason to fly fish stillwater :-)

    A few years back, we joined up with a little community of fly fishers who only fish the ponds
    That's actually pretty common in their neck of the woods where the brookies and salmon all migrate from the rivers into the lakes once the water temp hits the mid 60s
    One day when we told them we were going off to fish a river, two people separately told me;
    "We don't do that, we don't have the suits" (waders)
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    Default Re: Reason to fly fish stillwater :-)

    When you see gulls diving on a massive school of threadfin pushed to the surface by hundreds of ravenous exploding, swirling, tail slapping, shad smashing striper, the adrenaline triggers that predatory response that makes you sling a fly at them. You have to battle the bass boats on the lakes near me, and most of them throw their big clunky wake baits and two ounce bucktails at them or even drive right over them. But it's worth it when your fighting a 12 pounder off the stern and your buddy's got one off the bow that he swears will have yours beat. Not the serenity of drifting dries down a babbling brook to sipping sophisticates, this is a different fishing experience altogether. While I understand some people prefer the solace of a remote river, I don't know anyone that wouldn't want to feel their backing knot clicking through the tip of a doubled-over 8wt after they watch fish compete for their fly.Screenshot_20171023-150352.jpg

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