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    I've been stillwater fishing for close to thirty years, always from a float tube and typically just drifting or slowly paddling (trolling) and retrieving flies. I recently purchased an Outcast Stealth frameless pontoon and have numerous accessory mounting options which leads me to think about an anchor and either retrieving flies or suspending them under an indicator. In most of the videos I see online folks like Phil Rowley or Brian Chan are using two anchors to hog tie the boat. Those of you fishing pontoons (or float tubes for that matter) and using anchors how are you rigging them? Are you using one anchor or two? Or am I better off just drifting?

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    I have a Stealth Pro. I prefer not to use an anchor, but I do have a Scotty Anchor lock mounted to the rear (or is it the bow) mounting point. I have used two anchors in canoes and boats but not in a pontoon.

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    I have the same boat. Started with a Scotty anchor lock off the back. Usually anchored only when I was on fish and working chironomids under a bobber. Worked fine with just the one anchor line in waves to about a foot or so. I’ve since added a motor mount and minnkota on the back, so moved the anchor lock to one of the sides. Still fine. I’ve seen the Rowley and Chan videos and wondered about two anchors also. Never tried it because I’m not sure where to mount the second one on the stealth pro. Seems to make more sense in a John boat I think.

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