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    Default Re: Stillwater Striper from the shore

    Riptide, the 3x and 5x are the regular floro tippets that I am using for trout.

    For the striper I am using 30# & 20# for butt section and then 10# all Seaguar Premier and PLine Shinsen. Last week I started with 15# end then switched to 10# and got a bite with that pink leech. I will use 30# butt and 20# end for the surf.

    btw, I bet that fly in that video will produce. For now I'll try to look for bigger deceivers and clousers or learn to tie them. Now I have to procure an intermediate line first.
    I don't always catch fish; but when I do I scream like a little girl.

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    Default Re: Stillwater Striper from the shore

    The speed of retrieve probably has something to do with it. That, and like Rip said, the erratic action. Those fish probably needed a little more high energy retrieve if it's a big school, frenzied. I would try a popper to get their attention.

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    Default Re: Stillwater Striper from the shore

    I tried all the retrieve patterns and speeds that I could think of. I'll try the hand over hand retrieve the next time.
    I don't always catch fish; but when I do I scream like a little girl.

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    Default Re: Stillwater Striper from the shore

    Get a boat.

    You takin' p-lake?

    To the north, my San Luis Res, O'Niel Forebay & New Hogan rig is usually this, 28' LC-13 ( shooting head ), Rio .030 Clear Intermediate shooting line. 9' - 9 weight, Abel Super 8.
    Leader, 6' - 10 to 15 lb.

    Flies: Schoolie sized fish #2 Flashtail Clousers. Chart over white, Gray over white, Blue over white.

    Moe's: Several patterns 2/0 - 3/0 - 5" - 7" long.

    I rarely need to fish past 11:00 a.m. For me a tube, pontoon or boat is key. To hit and miss from shore. Nothing worse than watching boils and birds crashing, 100 yards beyond your casting range. Another key, a graph with a side finder.

    At times if its Stripers in diapers, I'll got to a six with a head set up ( Int - VI's - .020 clear intermediate running line or 20lb. amnesia ) that's backed up by a versitip system.

    If the lake is getting it's recruitment fish and forage from the delta via the CA aqueduct or Delta / Mendota canal, then it's there that you need to look for your pattern info. Don't worry about what the gear guys are using, when it's your turn to set the pace with a fly rod, they'll be trying to figure out how to emulate you..

    He who gets down first and stays down the longest, wins!


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    Default Re: Stillwater Striper from the shore

    A boat might be pushing the envelope too far. I used to have a kayak and a float tube, but if I had the guts to buy a watercraft is probably the Eagle Fishpak 7. But that is for another story.

    no it's not for is an S-lake. I usually started at 1600 and hiked back at 1945, so very limited time to fish and to slowly figuring things out. It crossed my mind several time to change the switch rod from floating and intermediate leader to my standard spey setup with an intermediate shooting head, mirage running line, iMOW and spey cast it and get easy distance and faster sinking. However, the proximity of the gear guys were too close and I would create too much water disturbance that they might not like. So, I stayed with just single hand the 2 rods straight at 90 degree. I can try to fish it from the other side of the cove but I have to constantly making long casts.

    By the way, these gear guys are the most considerate guys that I ever fished with, the older guy used to fly fish so he knows the drill. They would give me some elbow room for me to waive the rod silly. I usually got easily irritated with gear guys fishing the same spots with me since they were very intrusive but with these fellows I was the one who approached them and wanted to fish with them and they were very welcoming.

    Anyway, I bought a Rio Intouch Outbound Intermediate 8wt from an online store which I frequent and got a bit of extra discount from the GM. Also bought some 3/0 deceivers and clousers from a family owned shop which $/fly is very economical.

    I watched some Delta striper fishing videos and picked up some tips which I can try to emulate on water. So will see, I just need to worry about the 1st fish. The plan is to try different retrieve, fish deeper with bigger profile and try a gurgle on the other rod.
    I don't always catch fish; but when I do I scream like a little girl.

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    Default Re: Stillwater Striper from the shore

    I'm guessing that it is the action of that lure. I used to fish (mostly) spinning gear on the Delaware River back in PA for smallmouth, stripers, and the occasional walleye. The original ZOOM Super Fluke (pearl white) was a summer/fall favorite of mine. Just nose-hooked them with a 2/0 circle type hook. Nothing I had ever seen could match the action. If fished right it stayed with a foot or so of the surface, every twitch produced an erratic glide, sometimes the nose would even poke through the surface... then it had that super slow sink rate, with the tail gently titching as it sank... ambush predators could not resist it. On lakes too the largemouth, pike, and pickerel attacked them with equal gusto.

    Many of the imitations (maybe even the Super Fluke too) were loaded with salt as well so they cast a country mile... easily 3-4 times further than my best double-haul with a Clouser.

    I would take the fly rod out a couple times over the summer, but more of a novelty (stonefly time was fun)... on a good day I could catch a dozen fish on the fly rod... a good day with the spinning rod was 35-40, and much better quality.

    "We fish for pleasure; I for mine, you for yours." -James Leisenring

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