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    Default Re: 8wt for short casting distances

    Quote Originally Posted by birdyshooter View Post
    Best I can find would be the TFO Mangrove. What's your thoughts???
    PS: TFO considers the Mangrove a fast action rod designed for distance, which is what you've stated you do not need. I've never cast the Mangrove, but I have a BVK, and it is a great casting rod, but intended for distance rather than presentation. The Clearwater can hit distances past 50' with no trouble, but I feel as if its strong suit is in the 50' or less range. I think that a glass rod would serve your purpose, too, but I have very little experience with them, so my opinion on that doesn't count for much. I have a CGR 7/8 and it casts well, but I find it very easy to overpower if I don't keep my cast very slow. The Clearwater is more conducive to my natural casting speed.
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    Default Re: 8wt for short casting distances

    Hey Guys!! Thanks for all the feed back. I have a lot to think about.

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    Default Re: 8wt for short casting distances

    Quote Originally Posted by fq13 View Post
    I have an Orvis Clearwater #8 tip action for sale. It's 9' but a nice rod and I'll take $150 plus actual shipping. Ironically the reason I am selling it is because I bought a 7'10" Reddington Predator. I love both rods, but I don't need three eight weights. Either the Clear water or Predator will make you happy, just get a heavy grain line and slow down and let the rod do the work.
    Ps I will throw in a Cabelas house brand reel made by Lamson with the konic drag loaded up with a Sa warm water redfish line for $75 more. All spooled and ready to fish, but I have nothing but love for the Reddington.
    I might be interested in that Clearwater if you still have it?

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