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    Default Cody Wyoming Lakes

    Just got back from a trip to help friends in Cody Wyoming with home rennovations and to do a little fishing. All the rivers were running pretty high, fishable if you float them. My preferance is wading so I fished East Newton and Luce lakes. Both are catch and release and hold very nice trout. What worked really well for me this time was suspending an olive baby damsel beneath an indicator and just letting it sit there. I thought flies needed to have some kind of motion to induce strikes but I was wrong.

    I hooked a trout on Lake Luce that took out a lot of my backing. Thought I had hooked a monster. When I got it in, I found I had hooked it in the tale. Not huge but quite the fight.

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    Fortunately Luce is still a 99% fly fishing lake and everyone you meet is enjoyable to talk too. I was up there two days ago and hooked into 4 or 5 but only landed one. May go up Monday or Tuesday. I've fished East Newton for 25 years and it's changed for the most part. Still plenty of fish and rattlesnakes, but not the amount of fly fishing as in the past years. It's also become a "recreation" lake. Went there two weeks ago and a White Trash family with an uncontrollable lunging, barking HUGE pit bull had set up camp on the east side so nobody dared go over there. I did, but with pepper spray in hand. One guy with a normal dog and little boy gave up and came back, said it was supposed to be his little son's first fishing trip but the skank trying to control the pit bull had ruined it for both of them. I felt the same way and didn't stay long. Pretty sad, I've made some nice friends out there over the years.

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    Unfortunately this is the way every day life is becoming.

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