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    Default Re: Dry fly trout technique on aColorado lake

    Hey bubber,

    You have received some very good general advice in this thread. I’ll add that those metro area lakes are pretty much put and take. The stocked trout get fished out most years with very few holdovers. Most of those tanks do support holdover bass, cats, perch and walleye, however. Fish a squirmy or micro leech for those. If you are after trout, look a little higher in the foothills and follow the advice in this thread. In spring, those higher lakes fish great with chironomids and damsel nymphs. In summer go deep with scuds or stay on top with ants and beetles, twitched every now and then. The park reservoirs are awesome for calibaetis mid summer. I like to fish under cali hatches with something like a Mercer’s poxyback or schroeders nymph. Caddis hatches on overcast days and in the evenings are a lot of fun. I skate big hackleless hairwing bugs to imitate the traveling sedges that scamper about until their wings are dry enough for liftoff. I cast those flies out as far as I can and rip them back across the surface like a floating streamer. Takes are awesome. Micro caddis that hatch through the day are less fun. I chase them with nymphs that also pass for chironomid pupae. I fish stillwater a lot in the spring, summer, and fall. I fish tail waters, tie flies, and go skiing in winter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bevanwj View Post
    On still waters a good way to hedge your bets is to fish a small unweighted nymph on a short dropper tied to the bend of the dry. If they are not feeding directly on the surface they will often take the dropper.
    Just going to add that. The last 2 or 3 trout I've caught were with a foam hopper and a #20 Zebra Midge on a dropper 18" below it.

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    Default Re: Dry fly trout technique on aColorado lake

    I used to fish midges almost exclusively on eastern still waters. An unweighted size 20-24 any fly on a mono tippet is essentially a dry fly on still water, but we used very short strips to give them life and keep them in the film.

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    Thanks for your responses, they helped. I went out yesterday and caught plenty of stockers (I know) on drys. Casting mostly toward rises. Interesting sidelight: small, dainty flies were ignored, switched to a larger attractor pattern and immediately started getting hits. I've done the same thing on streams and it has often worked for me.

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