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    Default Shonto Ranch Lake Fishing

    Shonto Ranch Lake is a series of private pools on the Guadalupe River near Kerrville, TX. They stock Rainbows up to 8 pounds and 2-3 pound Golden trout every fall. Each pool has a different kind and size of fish, bass to trout to catfish.

    Sounds kind of like a kids’ fishing pond on steroids! I could only find one reference on the forum and it was from 2005. The ranch is a 1,000 acre private hunting and fishing reserve with 4 miles of the Guadalupe. Looks like emphasis is on hunting. You wade only if you want to get in the water, they are “primarily bank fishing.” $75 for 4 hours of solo catch-and-release fishing.

    Casting practice with the potential of an 8-pound surprise! I’m considering trying it next Monday. Is anyone on the forum familiar with this “venue”?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Shonto Ranch Lake Fishing

    Never heard of it, but it sounds intriguing as trout fishing here in Texas isn't the most common thing. If you do go, please share your experience.

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    Default Re: Shonto Ranch Lake Fishing

    I fished Shonto Ranch Pavilion Pool today. It is stocked 3 times each season with up to 8-pound Rainbows. Also has some Golden trout though I didn’t see any. Pavilion Pool is all bank fishing. The bank is 1-3’ above water surface and drops straight down to about 3’ of water. Bottom appears to be sand with quite a bit of short grass. It is loaded with very large cruising Rainbows that kept swimming back and forth beneath my feet. Easily 20”+, saw 2 that were probably 25”. Very tentative bite today. I hooked the largest trout of my life, take was like a stocker until I set the hook then be turned into a tarpon, cleared the water by about a foot then swam off with my nymph. Don’t know if he broke my 5X tippet or just broke the knot. Hooked a 12-14” without realizing it, thought I was in grass about 10’ from the shore so wiggled my rod tip, he wiggled back, showed me his side and swam off. All catch an release. I was the only person there today. Tried everything but dry flies to include a small clouser. Family fishing yesterday used spinning rods and strawberry and bubble gum worms. Manager said they caught quite a few fish. I saw a 16-18” trout swim by with a pink worm sticking out of his mouth, obviously still had the hook, too. You need a long handle to net a fish I don’t think you could net one with a stream net even if you got on your knees. I will probably go back.

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    Default Re: Shonto Ranch Lake Fishing

    Thanks for the update. May try it myself

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