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    Default Re: Guess Who Now Owns a Skagit setup

    Quote Originally Posted by duker View Post
    ....Seriously though, Ard, as others have said it's just another tool in the box. Like many, I started out with a Skagit head and still use one for heavy tips and flies. If you need to dredge, or toss a chicken-sized fly, there's nothing better. And a good intro for guests who've never cast a two-handed rod before but want or need to use one.

    That really is it in a nutshell Scott. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that skagit increased two handed casting use in the US by 5X over the past decade. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion. It will always be "clunkier" in comparison to a more traditional long-bellied line. And in the proper situation it will catch just as many fish so it's all good.

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    Default Re: Guess Who Now Owns a Skagit setup

    Exactly; I think that is what most folk will discover, moving on from Skagit to more traditional lines.

    Back to the future!

    Cheers and Beers,

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