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    Default Hello All. I need a little help,Please

    I have come into possession of a Redington "Redfly" Spey Rod that was a part of my Dads Estate. Other than the "Redfly" logo on the rod, there are no other markings to indicate Length or line weight. This rod is most likely from the late 90's to mid 00's. My Dad used it for Atlantic Salmon and occasionally in Saltwater. It is in excellent condition, but I have no clue to its size, age or value. I know Spey rods have evolved light years past when this rod was made, but would be nice to have some info on this rod. I have emailed Redington, but have gotten no response as of yet. Any Spey gurus here that might be able to shed some light on this rod.

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    Default Re: Hello All. I need a little help,Please

    No line or reel with? Aside from labeling the only way to sort one out may be to have a line in which case you can get the grain weight of the head / belly portion. I now all my rods by their grain weight and not by the numerical rating printed on them.

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    Default Re: Hello All. I need a little help,Please

    Measure the overall length with a tape measure. Then compare it with the following table on page 8 of the attachment below. :

    7WT - 12'6" 7.3 oz
    8WT - 13' 8.4 oz
    9WT - 14' 8.4 oz
    10 WT - 15' 9.5 oz

    I'm not a guru....but google makes me look like one.

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    Default Re: Hello All. I need a little help,Please

    Thanks for the help. I looked on the Redington site, but never came across this page.
    I certainly appreciate it!!!!
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