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    Just want to pass this on, really cool, I think his fly is the burnt toast. Heard some lore from the guys years ago.

    Watching this video brings to life one of my favorite quotes--

    Fly-fishing is solitary, contemplative, misanthropic, scientific in some hands, poetic in others, and laced with conflicting aesthetic considerations. It's not even clear if catching fish is actually the point. - John Gierach (2010). “Dances With Trout”

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    I've visited Lee at his post on steamboat creek many times over the years. I feel that I learned something new about steelhead, or sometimes about nature, every time I've made the drive up to big bend pool. A trip to the N Umpqua is something I recommend to any serious steelhead fly fisherman, and a visit with Lee is big a part of it as fishing camp water, stopping at the steamboat inn, or looking for steelhead off Mott Bridge.

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    20 years of riffle hitching a muddler for steelhead with no point? Who else can make that claim? Lee is a special individual for sure. Remarkable story.

    The Sentinel of the Big Bend Pool - Moldy Chum

    “If I fished only to capture fish, my fishing trips would have ended long ago.”
    ~Zane Grey

    " . . . shouldn't a man stand on his own two feet and catch his own steelhead? Maybe put out some effort and find his own fish just for the fun of it?"
    ~Syd Glasso

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