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    Default Re: The Cost of a great fishing trip...?

    Quote Originally Posted by darkshadow View Post
    Interesting question, when both "cost" and "great" are both relative terms.

    Of course, if I had it my way, for every long trip, I'd be sleeping in my truck bed, eating ramen, and fishing 15 hours a day. The only sunk cost would be the beer in my cooler and the gas in my tank. (But then i'd be single forever ;-) )

    I think I'm hearing that Brad Paisely song here........."I'm Gonna Miss Her"
    "Fight like you're the 3rd monkey trying to get on Noah's Ark"

    "Not every day is filled with sunshine. Some days you're the pigeon, some days you're the statue"

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    Default Re: The Cost of a great fishing trip...?

    Hmm. I could've sworn I already replied to this thread, but I guess not.

    In my opinion, the 'cost' of a fishing trip is more than just the dollars and cents; it's also about time. In fact, time maybe the greater factor between the two, and maybe even the most important cost.

    For example, in my case, there's no walking to a fishing spot, or even driving a few minutes. If I want to go fishing for trout I have to drive a minimum of a couple hours. And to get anywhere with good fishing I have to drive at least three hours. The average drive time for me to go fishing is about three and a half hours. One way. That means I have to schedule my fishing trips. I also have to take time to plan them. Finally, for some trips, such as my almost annual trips to UT (9 hours) or more recently my trips up to WY (13 hours), require additional funds, so I have to save up a little, which of course requires me spending more time at work.

    And then I might have to hike in to a few places. Add a couple hours. Or more. So some trips might mean a total of 6 hours of travel time to get in a day of fishing, then 6 hours to get back home.

    These 'costs' in time spent are more of a real cost to me than the dollars spent. At least they are as long as I care to have a job and a relationship.

    So Time becomes a primary factor when I consider whether a fishing trip was great or not. Or if it could be great or not.

    But getting back to the OP, I'd have to say that my trip last year to the Green in WY, below Fontenelle Dam qualifies as a great fishing trip. Cost in dollars and cents was probably close to a thousand dolleros, most of that was fuel. Next was probably food and drink. Camping was free and less than 15 feet from the river, which was also a good spot for a quick bath as it turned out. There was a significant outlay for mosquito repellent, but I can't remember exactly how much.

    Time, on the other hand, was significantly more costly. 26 hours of driving round trip. Nine days off work. But the fishing and the companionship of old friends and new, more than made up for it.

    Of course, I can and do take trips much closer to home and cost much less that still might qualify as great. For instance, my spring trips to Chevelon Canyon lake probably cost about $150 per trip. For that, I get to fish for about 24 hours spread over two and a half days, maybe see four or five other people during that time, and catch a couple dozen browns ranging in size from 16 inches to 22 inches. In there will usually be a dozen or more 'bows that lately are close to the same size range. I know, that only works out to about 1.2 fish per hour, but the quality of the fish, and the scenery, and the solitude make up for the slower fishing.

    Side note: I'm not giving away any secrets here; everyone that fishes in AZ knows about the lake and its contents. The geography, road conditions, and wind conspire to keep all but the most determined from reaching its banks.

    A pretty good trip,for a buck-fifty. I'd be packing to go right now this weekend if I hadn't torn a tendon in my left calf muscle last week.

    "Three-fourths of the Earth's surface is water, and one-fourth is land. It is quite clear that the good Lord intended us to spend triple the amount of time fishing as taking care of the lawn." ~Chuck Clark

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  5. Default Re: The Cost of a great fishing trip...?

    I will like to say that all of you guys have shared really sufficient and nice stuff here which is good. Being a fishing lover, It is always great for me to try out this kind of sufficient stuff and have fun time and get information. I will appreciate you all for this sharing and hope will get more from here in future too.

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    Default Re: The Cost of a great fishing trip...?

    There's a few ways I've managed to make fishing trips a bit less costly over the years and while I apologize for a lack of specific dollar amounts, maybe someone can glean an idea or two off of the following:

    1. Each year I head to the Bahamas (DIY bonefish trips), I am in contact with the other guys that are going to be on the trip and we discuss menu. We plan the entire food itenerary and then split the list so that no one person is hit with huge luggage charges. Then, we all go to Costco in our respective states and get the things on our list. Food, for a full week (exclusive of Kalik), generally runs about $40/person with a group of four. Buying it all at a grocery store in the Bahamas would be 4x that easily.

    2. I wanted to fish Seychelles but the lodge packages were out of my range. My wife and I saved up our airline miles and we shopped around for lodging options via operators in countries that frequently have people headed to Seychelles (NOT the U.S.!). We found an outfit in London that had decent deals on lodging, our air was using frequent flier miles, we used the local markets instead of restaurants. We spent five WEEKS in Seychelles for less than half what a lodge charges for one week...and there were two of us. We didn't get down to the southern atolls but there's a ton of fish to be caught right there in the granitics on foot (more bonefish, indo-permit, and trevally than anyone would get bored with).

    3. I fish WY a lot. Far more than I fish in CO and I live in CO. There are numerous lodge/guide options in WY and most offer good value. Or, you can use one of the many BLM campgrounds which have nice covered tables, clean restrooms, and steps down to the river. Cost is $10/night. Bring a flashlight and your waders.

    4. A few of us wanted to fish Belize some years back and so I contacted a small resort about rates. At the time there were only going to be two of us going. The rate for each person, based on double occupancy was a bit steeper than we were expecting. I asked what the capacity of the entire island/caye was and they said "ten guests at any given time". Fine, what's the entire resort cost per week if I book the entire place? -it was something like 3x the price of a single person! Fine, I'll book the whole week....then I managed to find enough people to fill the place for a week. It was CHEAP once we split it evenly among us.

    5. If heading to a location where local laws allow it (some countries are picky about who drives fishing boats in their nation), it's great to find a lodging situation that includes a boat with the cost of the room/s. A guide each day is spendy, gasoline for a boat that's included in the room rate tends to be pretty reasonable. Google Earth and GPS make it impossible for flats to hide from first-time visitors and tide charts are widely available for anywhere on the planet.

    6. Drifting western rivers - The Bighorn River in MT is a prime example of a location where renting a drift boat can save a lot over hiring a guide. Rent a drift boat in Ft Smith, the shop will take your car down to whichever pullout point you tell them and have it waiting for you. When you are done drifing down the river, you hop in your car and drive away, with the rented drift boat pulled up on the beach. It's a river, do you really need a guide to tell you to cast toward the shoreline? Take a friend and trade off every 30 minutes...

    Happy fishing!

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    Default Re: The Cost of a great fishing trip...?

    This is valuable for reducing costs:

    If you're a senior citizen or you have a senior in your party, look to get one of the federal senior passes. There are substantial savings if you're going into a federal park or other land that charges fees for admission, camping, etc.

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  10. Default Re: The Cost of a great fishing trip...?

    Quote Originally Posted by triggw View Post
    Yep. You were a victim of the Wyoming Game and Fish gouge-a-greenie program.
    Never heard that one before. Hilarious.

  11. Default Re: The Cost of a great fishing trip...?

    Right now I consider myself lucky. I know there is more than me here in Alaska. For me a tank of gas and some grub and a tent. Maybe $50 if I want to eat well for a weekend on the Kenai. Even less if you split the cost with a buddy or 2. Always nice to have a few with you that have your back. Salmon and monster rainbows. I now take it for granite. When I get back to the states I will surely miss those days spent here on the Kenai

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    Default Re: The Cost of a great fishing trip...?

    I used super professional and affordable.

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