Wading into a green garnet surf as skeins of Brown Pelicans glide effortlessly by. A horizon decorated by a glowing yellow orange star, cotton candy clouds, and emerald water.

Waters teeming with life. Silver schools of mullet hugging the bars, menacing predators illustrated in the backlit breakers, just beyond, toothy bottle-nosed Dolphin mocking them all.

Here stands another predator, this one armed with slings of carbon and hooks of steel. His webs of deceit reach out over the waves to defraud his victims. Enraged, the duped predators struggle mightily to escape. Some do regain their freedom almost immediately, others defiantly come before the trickster to await their fate. They are all admired for their beauty and perfection. He hungers for their beauty and perfection and there is no end to his appetite for it and to be close to it. He is forever altered by these encounters and is left with a sense of awe at the mystery of it all.