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  1. Default Re: What is a great fishing trip?????

    The components of a great fishing trip?

    Tough fish, great company, great scenery and memorable releases


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    Default Re: What is a great fishing trip?????

    The next time I go

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    Default Re: What is a great fishing trip?????

    Last summer, on a puny budget of $150 bucks, I took two related excursions with three days of fishing and camping each in Kansas and neighboring Missouri. The boost for my morale was priceless.

    I'm notorious for my ability to "make do," scrounge, and do things cheaply.

    I have some help because of quirks of living as I do in a monastery: When you check out a car, it's already gassed. That helps with fuel. Use, and you can calculate the exact places to fill up your tank most cheaply AND, be sure it's at a quarter of a tank when you turn the key back in. Let the shop mechanic fill it up for the next guy.

    Also, there's always leftovers at meal times so those can be frozen and then you have several meals already cooked and ready to go. Monasteries also have pantries, and you can load up on dry goods. I had a bit too much food, all said and done, and it didn't cost me a dime.

    One lake I stayed at offered free camping, the other place only charges $5.00 a night for tent camping per person. That cuts way camp fees down. I timed the swing into Missouri to correspond with their free fishing weekend to cut down on license fees. I also gathered my own firewood, so no expense there.

    I was well under that $150 budget and with what was left was able to buy a new reel and some used camp gear at a flea market place on the way home.

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    Default Re: What is a great fishing trip?????

    Well, here in North GA, there is a lot of fishable water. Everything from small creeks to mid sized rivers, and deep lakes. I can target several species of fish on any given day. I've even had a day where we caught more than 50 striper and shot 2 turkeys between three of us - by noon. So to travel more than a couple of hours to fish, I'm usually leaving to visit someone or go on vacation. I'm fortunate in that I have friends in the mountains in NC and TN, and one with a beach front condo in FL. This keeps the cost down for most of my fishing. I normally don't spend more than $100 to go fishing, and that's just because I drink craft beer and have no self control at fly shops. I do go with a guide once a year out of FL, sometimes inshore fly fishing, sometimes deep sea. It costs about $1000 a day, but my lodging is free. So really my biggest investment is in maintaining friendships, which grows increasingly difficult as the years go by.

    I've yet to take one of those epic fly fishing trips to a remote destination, but perhaps over the next few years I'll get to go to the Christmas Islands, or Lake Jurassic or Panama or any of the others.

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    Default Re: What is a great fishing trip?????

    Fishing in salt water, where you might have a 30-mile or more boat run to get to the fishing grounds, we consider it a great trip when you return with everybody you left with.

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    Default Re: What is a great fishing trip?????

    I've had great trips that required airline flights, expensive lodges, guides, etc. And I've had trips just as great that required a day of driving and three or four nights of cheap motels. And then there are the more local trips that are sometimes just as great.

    Last summer, for the second summer in a row, I did an overnight solo float trip on a certain Missouri smallmouth river. Let's see...about 120 miles of driving carrying the canoe, so figure about 7 gallons of gas at $2.50 a gallon--$17.50. About $20 worth of groceries. $50 for the shuttle, so that was the most expensive part of the trip. Can't think of any other expense. Two days of floating and catching really nice smallmouth, no other anglers, almost zero other people, period. Great scenery, nice weather, lots of wildlife. Just about priceless!

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    Default Re: What is a great fishing trip?????

    A great fishing trip for me is simply getting outside and becoming one with the river and it's surroundings.

    I don't often travel far as I have bass and pike fishing quite literally in my backyard, steelhead are a 5 min drive away, brookies/browns/rainbows all within 10 mins. Musky fishing is now only 5 mins away as well so I'm hoping to get out more for them this summer.

    OTOH I have done some pricey destination trips that have brought great memories and I wouldn't trade them for anything.

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    Default Re: What is a great fishing trip?????

    Quote Originally Posted by huronfly View Post
    A great fishing trip for me is simply getting outside and becoming one with the river and it's surroundings.
    I feel the same way, I just enjoy getting out and enjoying the river!

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    Default Re: What is a great fishing trip?????

    I agree, everyday on the water is a blessing no matter near or far. Cost varies...

    I can even have a day when nothing is going right but, I can still sit on the bank of the river and laugh at the craziness, say a prayer and enjoy watching the water and the wildlife.


    Tim C.

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    Default Re: What is a great fishing trip?????

    I'm blessed with having good trout, Steelhead, Carp, Bluegill and bass fishing ranging from 7-40 minutes from my house.

    Any trip is good for me provided I don't fall in!

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