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    Default Spring Destination Suggestions

    Some friends and I are planning a trip for the first week of April. We live in central California and we are currently thinking of going to the Green River below Flaming Gorge or the San Juan. I have fished the Green a few times and I loved it. I have never been to the San Juan.

    What other rivers should we consider? We plan on wade fishing and possibly hiring a guide one day.

    Thanks for the input!


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    Default Re: Spring Destination Suggestions

    I am going to the San Juan in late June it will be my first time. I hear amazing things about it.

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    Default Re: Spring Destination Suggestions

    I know both rivers can be unbelievable. I’m just curious as to what River might be fishing better at the beginning of April.

    I know the BWO hatch heats up on the Green in early April and if we catch that right I’m sure we could see some incredible conditions.

    Anyone know of current conditions or future conditions on the San Juan?

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    Default Re: Spring Destination Suggestions

    Either river will be fishing fantastic in April.
    I fished the San Juan in January when the reservoir was turning over so the San Juan was way off color, but we still caught plenty of fish. We shared a room at Abs to keep the cost down, and had a great time.
    My favorite time to fish the Green below Flaming Gorge is April/May (before the tuber hatch gets started) and like you said the bwo hatch can be incredible. I guess if I was making a decision, it would all boil down to what the weather was doing in either of those locations.

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    Default Re: Spring Destination Suggestions

    Luke, A little info for you. My guide on the Green recommends late april for the best shot at the BWO hatch. Certainly may get into them earlier but that is the best chance.
    And to Larry, My son and I are going the last week of April for my first try at the BWO's on the Green

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