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    Yep, got it.

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    If the OP is still listening(on occasion);-),
    Many of those streams have the major springtime hatches....from the Battenkill on up the hatches are about three weeks to a month behind PA hatches so a call to the Stowe shop(for hatch info) or a stop into the shop to talk & an occasional purchase helps a lot. From contact with a local here & there, the Kill's hatches have come back from the late 1990's flooding. I've met nice Hendrickson and Sulphur hatches with the Sulphur spinner falls coming out in full force during rainy days...of noteworthy thundershowers..believe it or not... The wildest fishing days I've ever had...with me laughing along the way, both while in VT and in NYS. True the natives don't clog up the river but they are colorful and are strong fish....fwiw.

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