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Thread: Charleston, SC

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    Charleston, SC

    I am going to Charleston, SC for about a week and a half starting June 27th. If I take my flyrod what fish could I hope to catch? Where would I go to fly fish there. Salt? Fresh?

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    I've done some fishing in that area, a little south in Beaufort.

    Sheepshead in the inlets and jetties. If you get into the intercoastal waterway, you can get into some trout, bonnet-head sharks. Lots of rays.

    Definately redfish in some of the flats, but you might wanna ask around for that. There was a good article in Easter Fly Fishing magazine this month about fishing in Beaufort (I vacation there almost every year). It's only about an hour south of Charleston.

    The fly shop to see is Baystreet Outfitters. Never been there, but I will go there when I'm down there next time. I didn't get a vacation with the family this year as all my vacation time was gone.

    Love Charleston, tho.

    I don't mention much about freshwater as there are alot of alligators...
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