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  1. Post Fishing hot spot: Frying Pan River (Rocky Mountain News)

    Fishing hot spot: Frying Pan River


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    Fished from below the dam downstream for about 5 miles two years ago in May. Caught quite a few, 8-10, decent fish (18-24 inch) that day. Just below the dam are the biggest trout (non-steelie)I've ever seen taken by man (sadly not by me). They feed continuously on pink scud (shrimp pattern). I saw one guy need help from his friend to land a very fat rainbow that wouldn't come close to fitting in his net. He was across the stream and up a few hundred yards and I'd guess it was in the 15 lb range. As you can imagine, the guy danced a jig when he landed it (and returned it thank god). Unfortunately, it does get crowded immediately below the dam on weekends. There is a great shop in Basalt, Taylor Creek Fly Shop. Definitely one of the most memorable rivers I've fished.

    If you're in the area don't leave without casting a few in the Roaring Fork and on your way back to Denver in the Blue again below the dam (w/ scuds) and through the city of Silverthorne. The Blue gets a lot of action on the weekends. Gore creek through Eagle and Vail is more challenging, but has lots of nice fish and little or no pressure.

    beautiful waters and vistas, enjoy

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    The area right below the damn is called the "toilet bowl" because the water swirls in a large circle before heading downstream. The fish are huge and fat and are really freaks, they wouldn't survive in any other part of the stream. They feed on shrimp all day/every day and there are fishermen there almost every day of the year. I really like the Pan but further downstream where the fish are still large but have a more balanced diet and are shaped more like fish than the linebackers below the damn. The fishing is great but it is well known and gets pressured heavily by fisherman. It is catch and release which is good but the fish directly below the damn get manhandled. They are snagged (accidently) constantly and have the scars to prove it as well as being handled poorly after being caught. Whirling disease is also becoming a problem with the rainbows throught the river.
    So if you want a hog, put the time in directly below the dam with heavily weighted patterns (be warned its almost always busy) or you can fish further down in the canyon and still have a chance at a trophy fish.

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