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    You can try. It is "FISH TECH" in Salt Lake City. Ut and Byron is the man to ask. I can look up a Phone Number if you want.

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    Hey Frank. I would be glad to let you know if I try them. Maybe I'll give em a shot when I am in the Yellowstone area in a couple of weeks. Like I said....I would be hard pressed to change from the Thingamabobber right now.

    Sorry about misinforming you and others Fly2Fish. My local shop had them on order before they were on the market and I guess he only got them in two sizes 1/2 and 3/4. I couldn't see (no pun intended) the need for a 1" unless eyesight is an issue. I have chunked some heavy rigs with tungsten bead heads, droppers and weights and they still stay afloat. Even if you are on a large river you shouldn't have a nymph rig out so far that seeing the indicator is an issue....even from a drift boat. Just my opinion though. Also....white no matter what indicator you use is going to be the most productive. The "Day Glow" colors may be easier for us to see at times but to native fish it just doesn't look right and to the good old stocked fish it looks like hatchery food and you wind up sucker hooking them when they hit your indicator.

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