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  1. Default "Switch rod" line?

    I'm starting to build a 'switch rod", a 10'8" 6 weight that is a hybrid, a cross between a full spey and single hander. I reckon it will be ideal for trout fishing in close bank situations. I've already got a couple of full spey rods, but they are in the 9-11 weight range and use those huge spey lines. Anyone have any recommendations regarding lines? The rumour is that standard weight forward floating lines work quite well but I really don't know.

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    Check out R.B. Meiser's website. R. B. Meiser Fly Rods - S2H106 Series Fly Rods
    Shows you what lines to use. Teeney comes to mind too that I've heard about. AirFlo too.
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    I'm Having some built for my shop and one for myself..I plan on using floating double taper or long belly intermediate lines.
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    Since switch rods are at a transition point between single-handed and spey rods, some might be rated for AFTMA single-hand lines. But I believe that most switch rods are rated for spey line standards. I have an 11-foot Angler's Roost switch rod rated for #8 lines; a WF10F fits it perfectly, though a WF8F is much too light. I just received a Meiser 11' 7" switch rod rated for 5/6/7 lines (which is also expressed as 350 - 500 grains); these are definitely spey line standards. I'm headed for the river with a dozen lines and reels to see what works best. I think that using single-handed lines is an economical and practical solution for switch rods. If using spey lines with these <12' rods, short versions like shooting heads, Skagit heads, and short spey lines like the Windcutter will work best. Leave the mid- and -long-belly speys for longer rods.

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