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Thread: Missing Fisher in Mezico

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    Default Missing Fisher in Mezico

    Hi Everyone,

    Here is a disturbing Email that I received from a wife of a member. I have no way to verify the informaion but it is important, so here it is.



    I just wanted to let you know that Ron went missing while on a fishing trip to Xcalak, Mexico on 4/11/09.
    Nothing has been found. I strongly suspect he was kidnapped, but no ransom has been demanded.

    Please warn your subscribers of the dangerous conditions in Mexico. Ron told me where he was going was safe.

    Kind Regards

    Cindy (wife)"

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    Default Re: Missing Fisher in Mezico


    Yes, he's a friend of a friend of mine. After several weeks, still no news and a search by local authorities hasn't turned up anything. Apparently he was fishing with two friends (wading) and headed back to his car. When his friends left a little while later they noticed his car still parked but no sign of Ron. The area he was fishing was a smooth sandy bay-- not the kind of place where drowning would be likely and he was apparently out of the water heading back to the car when he was last seen.

    Scary stuff...


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    Default Re: Missing Fisher in Mezico

    sad news. i've been having a running gun battle with some other outdoor media types about this...won't call them "journalists." they keep pumping mexican fishing and telling everybody it's totally safe in spite of: state dept travel warnings saying it is THE most dangerous country on earth for americans to travel (statistically), almost daily reports of kidnappings, assassinations, mass murders, etc. in most border and many coastal towns, and the common knowledge that there is a drug cartel/org crime war raging in mexico that threatens to topple the gov't and has the nation in chaos. i'm surprised we aren't seeing a lot more of these sorts of notes from family and friends...yet. but the bottom has dropped out of the mexican tourism biz, and they are now all but giving trips away. that includes guarantees that you won't get the h1n1 flu or your next 3 trips are free (if you live), and all sorts of desparate promotions. and naive americans following unscrupulous media hacks will undoubtedly jump on a lot of this stuff.

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