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Thread: Beginner needs some help

  1. Default Beginner needs some help

    So I have tried fly fishing on and off for the last 2 years now. This year I wanted to really get into it. Unfortunately, I havent yet. I went out on a small stream the other day loaded with fish and i actually had a couple of fish come and rise to the fly but I couldnt hook them. This stream was pretty small and over grown so it was hard to cast. They were all short casts.

    Today I went to a bigger river, the mettowee river in southern Vermont. This is where my troubles start. I would go and start to cast and everything is fine until I go to lay the fly onto the water. Once I go to let the fly down the leader just bunches up right where it connects to the fly line with the fly right next to it.

    What am I doing wrong? I really would love to be able to land a trout on a fly but im getting frustrated not being able to cast on bigger rivers and i cant afford to take lessons at a fly casting school because of the cost of college. Any advice would be great.

    Thanks, Tyler

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    I am also a beginner but is it possible that your not straightening your leader at all? It could be the line memory and has nothing to do with your casting. I had a similar problem with my leader bunching up, then I started straightening it with my fingers and problem solved.

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    Yes I am very new also. I'll agree though it sounds like your leader is still coiled from the package. run it through your fingers a few times till it lays pretty straight by it's self. also be careful that you let a little line slip through your fingers on that last forward stroke so the fly doesn't bounce back at you.

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    My guess is that your loop is too open. If you want rock solid advice with absolutely no misinformation, I suggest youtube. <--Okay that was a joke (but there are some cool casting videos available).

    Perhaps someone smarter than me can describe how to tighten your loop.

    Try copying this flycaster-->YouTube - Woman Fly casting
    Stalk softly and carry a green stick.

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    Default Re: Beginner needs some help

    I'm going to be honest. I began flyfishing just over 30 years ago, fishing for
    largemouth with a heavy hula popper and a short leader. Casts were close,
    and delicacy wasn't an issue. About 10 years ago, I began ff'ing for trout, but
    also wanted to cast better. I bought a couple books, but figured that I didn't need to begin with the basics: I had been catching fish for years. WRONG!

    You must understand how the rod, line, and leader function, and how you
    fit into the equation. All four parts are essential components to a good cast,
    and there's no way around it. Watch at least the first 3 parts of this 4 part
    series: CLICK HERE Tim
    won't show you how to fix a situation in which the leader doesn't straighten,
    but that won't be an issue for long if you cast your fly line the way he shows.
    If you're casting like Tim in the videos, and the leader won't straighten:
    -Make sure the leader is not coiled.
    -Match the leader to the fly: don't try casting a #6 Wooly Bugger with a 9 foot 5X leader...yet.
    -Try a 7.5 foot 4X leader for a while. Once that leader straightens properly,
    go longer if needed.
    -Make sure your leaders are decent quality. I love Scientific Anglers fly line,
    but their leaders stink. Umpqua and Rio make very nice knotless leaders.
    -Seek the advice and guidance of any flyfisherman you might spot on the water. Go to the local fly shop, and ask for help. They may take you outside
    and watch you cast. Sometimes it's the smallest movement that will cause
    you cast to be ruined. Once again, mimic Tim's cast in the video link above.
    -Take some lessons. You may have to pay, or you could get lucky and find
    someone willing to help without making a profit.
    -Don't aim your cast directly at the water's surface. The leader needs to
    unfurl, and if your fly line is hitting the water in a ballistic manner, the leader
    is not going to be able to unfurl in the proper form.

    ONCE AGAIN: I've learned there really are no shortcuts in fly casting. I wanted to find a shortcut to better casting, but that only makes
    things worse. Find the proper casting form, and then practice it often. Cast
    in your backyard, and use a leader. After making what looks like a good cast,
    lay the rod down, and look at your leader. Is it straight? If so, continue practicing. If it's coiled/collapsed, go back and make sure all the steps in
    a proper cast have been followed.

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    Default Re: Beginner needs some help

    As several folks had said, it might be something with your casting mechanics, but it would be pretty tough to get your fly line to straighten out everytime, and just have the cast die at your leader if everything is set up right.

    It might be a problem with the design of your leader. One suggestion, think about trying something called a furled leader. By the nature of their design and construction, it's pretty hard to not have them turnover. A mono leader relies on the stiffness of the mono to turn itself over, a furled leader relies on it's mass, just like the fly line. Alot of beginners find a furled leader really helps in terms of getting the leader to straighten out. Of course, it never hurts to work on your casting mechanics as well.

    One last thing, how did you connect the leader you are using to your fly line. It's important that the connection does not "hinge". What happens is that you want the energy that is contained in your fly line to be transferred into your leader. If that doesn't happen, the leader just collapses.

    Hope that helps,

    The more you know, the less you need.

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    Great advice from Frank B! Try your local fly shop. You would be amazed how helpful people can be if you ask. (as long as you start buying your gear from said shop!!!)

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    Pszy22, I have my fly line and leader connected by a loop to loop connection.

    I watched the tight lines casting video on youtube and i think the problem was that i was using to much of my wrist. I practiced some on the lawn and i got the leader to straighten out a little more. Its still not perfect but its better.

    Thanks for all the advice guys!

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