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  1. Default Roll casting help needed

    Any suggestions to help me improve my roll casting ? Most of the places I'm fishing of late require it.

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    The roll cast stems from the spey cast. Its principle advantage is negating the need for a backcast.

    To maximize the roll cast’s effectiveness, I recommend three points for consideration: use a double-tape (DT) line, use a ¾ sidearm backstroke, and shorten the leader as much as possible without scaring the fish.

    The double-taper line makes for a smooth transfer of power along the belly of the line whereas the weight-forward line, by its very name, does not. The sidearm backstroke enables the rod to be carried further to the rear before initiating the forward cast. Remember to pause between backstroke and the forward cast if using a floating line. The momentary pause enables the water to “grab” the fly. (This technique uses the water to make the “haul.”) If you are using an intermediate or sinking line, do not pause between the backstroke and the forward cast. It you so, the line will begin to sink back into the surface film and ruin the cast.

    Remember that practicing the roll cast can only be done on the water. To focus on the cast, I recommend you substitute a tuft of yarn for the fly … fishing and practicing the cast are not one in the same.

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    In my experience, the only thing I'd add to what Doug has described is that the longer distance you're rolling your cast, the higher I try and keep the loop coming off the rod tip on the forward cast. Do this by stopping your rod tip high at the end of a firm forward cast. It keeps the roll (loop)high coming across the water giving you a longer lasting roll that still has enough umpf to lift and lay out the fly at the end. Otherwise, I've found my loops start collapsing too soon and they lack the power to finish. As you experiment with this on the water, I believe you'll see what I'm describing. Hope this helps.

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    ill throw in my 2c which isnt worth much, but ive been doing a lot of roll casts this spring with woolly buggers and large float in lots of wind and my back is up agains a bank or tree etc.. .. i dont know where your problem is as noone can see you cast, but here is what helped me this last trip.. .. my line was sinking becouse it was dirty so this is problem one.. strip your line is to where you can handle it, this is important becouse you can cast further if you dont try to push more line than you, your rig, or your set up can handle.. leave about 4-6 feet in front of you that is between the first eye and the reel, and grab the liine with your left hand.. draw your pole up, fast enought to get the line up and out of the water but not too much but so its dragging on top of the water..... when the loop of the line comes back BEHIND you, this may be a foot or foot and a half, then push the pole forward pulling down on the line with your left hand... dont overdo any of this, correct technique is far more important than power, just like golf.. just when you get to the end of your stroke about 2 oclock or what ever works for you, jab the rod strait up into the air lifting the whole ball of into the air somewhat, but the line will be on the water( this is for wind behind you).. this can toss about a 8-10 foot loop, and with the wind behind you the large loop wil push it further.. with wind into your face keep the loop small so the wind doesnt push it back at you as much.. ....... if your stripping line in for action on the fly, you may need to take a couple roll casts to get out to where you need to do the final cast.. you should be able to find the amount of line in front of you and the amount of line out on the water to get the furthest cast, three feet too much line out on the water, and it will crumple in front of you.. . as you pull down some for the final throw(when the loop is behind you) and then movee the rod forward, and as the line is moving out, let go with the left hand and about 3-5 feet lying in front of you can spool out to give you a little more distance.. tough to explain, and i probably broke all the rules as ive learnt by trial and error.. .. PS dont pull down on the line on the forward stroke(double haul i think its called) untill the pole is loaded, trye this pulling down in different possitions, its basicly to give your rod more flip power, as i said anything that is overdone will probably ruin the cast.. this is very tireing and if you do it for three days in a row as i did recently , i was totally exausted, so try to get some open spots behind you once in a while to give it your body and wrist a rest with some regular casts.... dave..

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    I was taught by two well known fishermen for their roll cast.
    First off, there is adjustments for nymphing and dry. Dry will be easier because the fly is on the top of the water already. Nymphing you have to speed up a little to get the fly to the surface.
    Lift your rod and arm straight up till the line is even with or slightly behind your body. Then with force, point to where you want the line to go with a kaboom feel.
    I can do this with a 2wt to a 6wt and with my bamboo very easy. I have heard that DT is suppose to be easier, but I do well with both DT and WF.
    I learned from Eddie Robinson and Mike Pawlaski.
    This will make it easy.
    Also, you cannot practise a roll cast properly without water.

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    One thing that may help.
    Use a longer rod with a slower action.

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    And I was taught longer and faster, but I will say that my bamboo roll cast beautifully. But so does my 10' 5wt TFO Pro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joni
    And I was taught longer and faster, .
    I will yield to your teaching since all of mine has been self taught (ie trial and error/ dig the fly out my ear). I find that loading a fast rod on a roll is more difficult than a slower one but this may just be my inept technique.

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    If you want to practice the roll cast without water just put a brick or something on the end of your leader. This will simulate the tension of the water. I usually have my daughter and her friends stand on the leader and then I roll the line toward them. They think it is fun but little do they know they are helping me practice.
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    Doug's technique sound pretty close to the one I use. Slightly sidearm, hand slightly behind shoulder, rod pointed back further still, pause to stop line and then use a normal forward casting stroke. The object is to have the line roll in the air.
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