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  1. Default Tossing Bead Heads

    As some of you may know , I too am new to fly fishing... I have had my rod now for about 6 weeks or so.. Sage Flight 9' 5 wt , Rio Grand float line...

    I have found that I am getting to where I can cast dry flies pretty well.. I am now consistently casting them between 40' and 50'.... as long as I slow things down and its a calm day.... when it starts getting breezy my line just seems to pile up ..

    Maybe someone can give me some advice on casting bead heads , I was out practicing on the river the other day.. It looked to me like the line was moving through the air , but the beadhead was just hovering.. I went again this morning and increased the length of my leader and it seemed as though I could cast the beadhead today as though it was a light little dry fly... Has anyone else experienced this ? Also today on the river I was running a strike indicator ( corky ) and 2 nymphs tied together with about 3 feet of leader between them..

    I always try and visualize casting my line and not the fly when I am out practicing or on the river , I was wondering if adding more leader it more balanced out the weight difference between line and fly ? Today I was starting to wonder if I was going crazy , stumbled onto something or if things were just coming together for me.. Either way I was happy with the results...

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    Hi Jer,I think according to your rod and line you should use between 1 and 2,8 mm copper beads and as far as possible avoid "false" casts and slow down your casting timing.Casting heavier beads is really unpleasant
    Hope you can understand what I mean...easy to show but difficult to explain even in my own tongue.JP

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