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  1. Default casting for somewhat newbs

    hey all im new to this forum but it looks great. I really think i can learn alot from this forum. I learned how to flyfish earlier in my years from my grandfather. i was never terribly good but i have recently gotten back into it after almost being struck by lightning while practicing!(yes that iss true. ask me if you want and ill explain lol) well recently i have been practicing and im wondering if a 50 foot cast including leader is a good cast. if it is not what is considered a good cast? i thank you all in advance!

  2. Default Re: casting for somewhat newbs

    The most important thing is making a good presentation, accurately putting the fly where you wanted it to go. The importance of distance is vastly overstated except, perhaps, in fishing the salt.

    Fifty feet is fine ... As you practice the cast, that will increase ... At seventy, feel free to rest on your laurels.


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