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Thread: Teeny Mini-tip

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    Default Teeny Mini-tip

    I've kinda discussed the tackle in other threads, but I'm going to list them here so you have a basis for my question:

    9ft, 5wt Quarrow Drake Big Horn (kind of a medium fast action)
    Allbright GPX reel
    20lb backing
    Jim Teeny WFMT 5wt (last 5 feet is sinking attached to a floating line)
    5ft flouro furled leader
    6lb flouro tippet (actually it's some Vanish)

    Flies I will be using will be various streamers from #10-#6. The usual suspects (Mickey Finn, Muddler, etc).

    My plan is to hit a few specific areas where the water is deep (6-8ft) and fast on top.

    WIth all of this being said, I've read a few reports and post concerning casting a sinking and sink-tip fly line. I've also read that when casting larger flies, one should keep to an open loop. Is this correct?
    How would you approach the casting of this setup?
    Should the casting be slower with more precision on timing?
    Would it be possible to do some single handed spey type casting?

    As always, you guys are the best (abligatory butt kissing).
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    What manner of jackassery will I be subjected to today?

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    Default Re: Teeny Mini-tip

    Hi axle27,

    You will find the 5' integrated sink tip is not that hard to cast. The key is to strip back any line you used for mending and get the tip of the fly line moving before you attempt your pickup. I like to use a high roll cast to pick up the line. You aim the roll cast high and it will pick up the tip. Make you back cast and shoot your fore cast. No need for false casting.


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    Default Re: Teeny Mini-tip


    I would not worry about throwing big loops with those types of flies. More open loops are usually used with heavily weighted flies/nymphs so you don't pop them off or stick yourself real bad. Watch your backcast once in a while to see what's going on back there, and make sure you are wearing glasses when you do.


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