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    Default Re: Double Hauling Every Cast.

    I'm not good enough (yet). One of the guys I fish with a lot does it from habit like some guys above. I just got the feel for the single haul if I don't have much line out. I can get away with 30' feet and shoot line to maybe 45' max. Any more than that too tough still. Hope it will be habit someday, but even then how much do you have to sacrifice accuracy?

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    Default Re: Double Hauling Every Cast.

    Like Lefty Kreh has said, "There is no disadvantage in being able to cast far". Being able to cast a long distance will not hurt your accuracy in close. The further you cast, the worse your accuracy will be relative to a short cast simply from a trigonometry standpoint, but you can add a wind standpoint to that as well.

    But, the only way to increase distance is to improve your stroke, technique, timing - everything to do with your cast. So your accuracy will automatically improve with increases in distance, assuming you are aiming for something when you are casting.

    Golfers for instance are way more accurate with a 9 iron than a driver, but you don't see them teeing off with a 9 iron when the hole is 400 yds away.


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