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    Default Reviews for the Mel Krieger Casting videos?

    I desperately need to work on my casting this season, it's getting ridiculous. I was thumbing through a catalog and noticed the Mel Krieger casting videos, wondered if anyone had any thoughts on how useful they are to intermediate casters. Any other resources you guys would recommend?
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    Default Re: Reviews for the Mel Krieger Casting videos?

    fish_gypsy: I have Mel Krieger's DVD titled: The Essence of Flycasting II & The Essence of Spey Casting. This is an excellent instructional DVD loaded with good tips. I highly recommend it.


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    Default Re: Reviews for the Mel Krieger Casting videos?

    A video won't easily give you feedback and corrections to your particular casting issues unless you know what you're looking for and it addresses your issues.
    My suggestion is to spend that money on a good casting instructor.

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    Default Re: Reviews for the Mel Krieger Casting videos?

    Hi fish_gypsy,

    I have The Essence of Flycasting tape that I got years ago. I really like it just because the way that Mel presents the information. By the time I finished that tape I felt like I had a new friend. I really think that for one had casting the Lefty Kreh books or DVDs are better.


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    I like the Krieger videos (Essence and Advanced Essence), and I would recommend them. However if you are an intermediate caster, an hour with an instructor will be of greater value, and the videos and the instructor will be the greatest value. Watch the videos and practice, and work with an instructor to maximize your improvement.

    I did not have a casting lesson until I began fishing salt water. I could cast as far as I needed for trout, but now I can cast as far as I need with much less effort and false casting. In salt water with my medium action 9 weight, I was casting about 60 feet before the lesson. After the lesson, I was hitting 90 feet with less effort.

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    Thumbs up Re: Reviews for the Mel Krieger Casting videos?

    You won't go wrong with the Mel Krieger video's. I've got all three of his and they were and are well worth the price. And you only have to pay once for them.

    Not knocking a good instructor but, you can review videos over and over again.

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