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    Default Three point grip.

    I saw some comments about this in another forum. Does anyone have some comments or more information on it?

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    Default Re: Three point grip.

    I think it was Jason Borger who gave it this title.
    It isn't a new cast, I ran across the same grip in a casting book from the 1930's.
    It helps at times when people I'm working on casting with just cannot get good tracking down on their back cast. It helps them prevent getting a wide, horizontal curve to the right.

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    Default Re: Three point grip.

    Here's a video on it.

    Fish, Flies & Water [blog] Three-Point Grip

    In addition to what Jackster said about "tracking" it also works pretty well in helping casters with a limp wrist to come to a good stop on the backcast rather than continuing and throwing the loop towards the water behind them.


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    Default Re: Three point grip.

    The older I get the more I realize that almost nothing is truly new. Still, I've been relying on the thumb on top grip for everything. I'll have to play around a bit and see how this affects my cast. Seems like a good idea for my boy too.

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    Default Re: Three point grip.

    Hadn't heard of it until this thread-- that being said, I had to give 'er a try..... Man! Is my pointer finger ever tired.

    I googled it when you posted the thread, and tried it for about an hour this evening-- and, seriously, my pointer finger is fatigued, and the rest of my hand feels tired.

    I don't know if it is the placebo effect (after reading the virtues of this grip) or if I was making a point to be more diligent in my casting stroke, but I noticed that I could form tighter loops with out crossing the line to tailing loops.... I also like that I can 'point' at my target, but my hand is going to have to get used to the 'unnatural' posture.

    I do like the results after trying it out coming from the thumb on top grip.

    also, I will have to get used to my middle finger being the 'line hold' or put another way, using my middle for line control.

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