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    Default "Five Essentials of the Fly Cast"

    I can't remember if I posted this link before on this forum or not, but I keep seeing the same questions about casting asked all the time and thought I'd post it again if I haven't already.

    Virtual Fly Casting - Instruction - The 5 Essentials

    There are good animations linked to in blue on each numbered essential. If I knew how to make animations I'd add a bunch of them myself, showing what happens when you violate on the the essentials, which I do often enough to know exactly what in fact happens (especially the numerous ways to throw tailing loops).

    If the essentials are followed in a single-handed overhead cast, the results will be beautiful. Understanding exactly what is supposed to be done is the first step, in my opinion, in being able to analyse what I am doing wrong in the cast so that I can fix it.

    The site has a lot of great information gathered from the most proficient casters ever, and is a good one to explore.

    I would think links to it and other specific pages on other sites might be good for a sticky.

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