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Thread: Foot position?

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    Default Foot position?

    I was reading on the "Sexy Loop" that you should have your right foot forwad during the cast if you are right handed. No wonder my casting skinks, I have always placed my left foot forward.

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    Default Re: Foot position?

    Imagine what Steve Rajeff could do if he knew that trick!
    [ame=""]YouTube - 2008 Best of the West Finals Round 1 Rajeff[/ame]

    To do that effectively for distance you do need a great amount of flexibility. It might help in your tracking but other benefits I can't quite figure out.
    For we mere mortals and Steve Rajeff who WHIPS the Euro's butts when it comes to fly casting I think it's a safe bet to stay with and open stance until you get so good you have to reinvent the wheel.

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    Default Re: Foot position?

    Sounds sortta like the 'Margarina' but not really. I think proper positioning of your feet may be very important as you learn the fundamentals of casting. Once you are an accomplished caster you may choose to present many casts from a kneeling position as I have done for years on small streams.


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    Default Re: Foot position?


    For me it depends if it's whether I'm trying to throw a decent distance or looking for close in accuracy-- fishing dries in pocket water for instance.

    I'm right handed and I usually cast

    for distance ( salt water, big rivers etc) open stance with my left foot forward (like throwing a foot ball), and my right forward,

    in close for accuracy right foot forward and leading with the right shoulder (like throwing darts)

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    Default Re: Foot position?

    Makes sense. I have been keeping a rod rigged up on the back porch so I can get a few casts in each day. Plan on working on a few things the next few days.

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    Default Re: Foot position?

    Hi Tracker12,

    Being right handed I cast mostly with my left foot forward. For close casting I may have my feet parallel but not with my right foot forward. Now if I am casting from my left shoulder I will have my right foot forward to give me a longer casting stroke. I looked for the article you mentioned but never found it. Their recommendation must have been based on some specific cast.

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    Default Re: Foot position?

    Tracker, I've mentioned this before, but if someone is a recovering spinner fisherman, a right foot forward can defuse the wind up and throw habit.
    When you use the power of the rod, instead of the power of the arm, you can cast anyway it pleases you. Good distance is the evidence that you are getting the cast right.
    The hazard is that you will fish "overthere" instead of nearby. I catch many fish within a few feet of my feet.
    I have a hula hoop for a big target on my lawn (you can hang it too). I like to do BB in the bucket as well. SS mixing bowl, nine ft leader, and one BB on it.
    Layout nine ft of line, with the shot already in the bowl. Now, pick it up, and put it back. Repeat until you can't miss. Now go fish!!!

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    Ultimately, it's not catching fish that satisfies, but knowing how.


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    Default Re: Foot position?

    Nice drill. Never thought to use a BB but it makes sense since I through a lot of nymphs. Frank the instruction I was referring to was in the basics section I will try to find it and link it in a post. I played around a little in the backytard this evening and did notice that with around 20' of line out I was very acurate with the right foot forward slightly and the line laid out very nicely.

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    Default Re: Foot position?

    It is possible to throw flies a considerable distance with the right foot forward, though most right handers prefer the left forward.

    The biggest advantage to right forward is accuracy and tracking. However, Rick Hartman is right up there with Steve Rajeef when competing in the distance events. Below results from the 2008 Best of the West distance event. One foot at those distances is not a huge percentage win.

    Steve Rajeff - 115’1”
    Rick Hartman - 114’1”
    Brian O’Keefe - 112’9”
    Jim Gunderson - 112’ 8”
    Bill Gammel - 105’5”
    Clay Roberts _ 101’5”

    [ame=]YouTube - Rick Hartman casting the TCX at the Denver Show[/ame]


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    Default Re: Foot position?

    I was thinking about this thread yesterday when I was casting perched on a stream bed of snot covered bowling balls
    As far as I'm concerned, as long as you're upright, that's the right foot position
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements.” --- Horace Kephart

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