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    My first post here.
    Been lurkin' for a short while.
    Like what I'm readin.
    First ime I attempted to learn "how to" anything about flyfishing was maybe 40 years ago. Didn't have anyone to walk me thru any thing and information was kinda hard to come by. Used to watch the Walker's Cay TV show when I had Sat. TV. Got me wantin to all over again. No time to do much (work always seemed to get in the way), fishin let alone learnin a new way to do things.
    Now I sit in a new local to call home (Central Utah), most hunted fish is the trout. I have been a bass and a pan(crappy)fisher person. I now have time, I just need to learn HOW to cast and all the rest of the intrisic niceities and need to knows of how to do this thing known collectivally as flyfishing.
    I have a rod (8' 6" 6wt), reel Cabela's (older 567), Line and backing (WF-6F and 20# backing). I also havean assortment of panfish flys that were given to me as a present (10 yrs ago that's when I got the rod an reel).
    I am armed with The Orvis Book (Fly Fishing Guide), L. L. Bean's Fly Fishing Handbook, Have on order The Curtis Creek Manifesto and Lefty Kreh's How to cast book.
    I've also been tryin to gag this computer's memory by stuffin everything I can that has to do with fly fishin, videos etc.
    Need some experienced thoughts to help me figure this out...
    Thanks for takin the time to read all of this

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    Hi Hank,

    Glad to see your first post. Best advice I can offer to get you underway with this cyber think-tank is for you to ask some specific questions. Once you get some response you will still have some choices to make for yourself because the members here do not all like vanilla.


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    hankaye: Welcome to the forum! You live in a great state to learn fly fishing. Like Ard suggested don't be shy about asking questions, we have some great people on this forum that would be more than will to help out. One thing you can do is use YouTube, it is loaded with fly fishing information. For example, if you search for Fly Casting you will find a three part series by Tim Landwehr called "Tight Lines-Learning to Fly Cast". Here is a link to part one of the series: [ame=]YouTube - Tight Lines-Learning to Fly Cast Part 1[/ame]

    Be sure to check out the local fly shop in your area and see if there are any local fly fishing clubs or Trout Unlimited Chapters you can join.


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    Thanks for the welcome and the video(S).
    Reckon I'l just have to keep beatin' the air inna submission till I get the hang of the casting.
    I guess the [I]next[I] thing is to start figurein' out which fly is what. Ya'll speak in a alphabet soup type of code (how it looks from the newbee point o view). I use a 7'5"wxyz with 2xy tippet superglued to a gigawhalestopperdropknot combination dowah ditittydashcripple;>>> just as an example.
    Basically, I'm just a simple humanbein' with a mind that works, just not quite as quickly it used to. I like to refer to it as warehouse is full need time to make room for new information.
    Again, much thanks for the welcome and the video link watched it and it's companions 2 times today

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