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  1. Default What am I doing wrong???

    I used to only fish on Grandpa's cane rod. I recently switched to a Scott G 885/3. I over weighted the rod to slow it down to make it more like bamboo. I was using SA Mastery WF-6-F but it wasn't casting very well. I tried a spool of cheep SA Air Cell DT-6-F and things went much better. I was casting 70+ feet with lots of control. After reading a post about why I shouldn't overweight my rod, i went out and got a spool of SA Ultra 3 WF-5-F. Now the best I can do is 20'??? The line usually ends in a pile 15' in front of me. The back cast works fine, but the front cast seem to stall. I have played with my timing and had no luck. WF should cast farther then the DT and the 5wt should have better line speed... It has to be something i'm doing wrong. Any tips?

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    Default Re: What am I doing wrong???

    It sounds like it would help if you focused on what the line is doing, rather than your timing. Good or perfect timing is not a set thing, it has to change in reaction to how the rod and line are moving. Watch the line and work on making it look the same while casting as when you were casting it with the heavier line. The rod will feel different in your hand, but try not to focus on that, but rather what the line is doing in the air.

    That rod is by no means a fast or stiff rod in the grand scheme of things, but it is compared to a bamboo rod. Focus on making the line fly right and then develop muscle memory of how the rod feels in your hand as it is making ideal loops.

    That rod is one of my absolute all time favorites by the way. You picked a GEM!

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    Interesting. The past year and a half, I've been fishing bamboo (modern) and modern glass. The timing was completely different than a plastic rod. Picking up graphite when stillwater fishing, I've found myself throwing at least 25' or more than I have before. Graphite rods I think hide a lot of mistakes and the slower rods you have learn a lot more. I was not a bad caster before, but using slower rods, and changing the timing and style has spilled over to the graphite, improving my distance there. Try a slow rod for a while, learn to cast it and watch youself grow.
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    I would over load your rod again.There are many people who will tell you never to do this,I'm not one of them.I fail to see the harm in overloading a rod that want's to be overloaded!The fact is, some rod's DO fish better overloaded,I have seen this hundreds of times.If you are dead set against overloading then try to keep a eye on what your line is doing on the back cast,70' down to 20' sounds like a drastic casting error.Once you timing is good it's good,but will change on every rod or even with different line,the trick is to learn to adapt you timing to please the rod you are useing.
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    I agree with Troutbum, some rods do work better with a one heavier line. I mean they use to say in the old days 5/6. I know the tapers are a lot more refined these days and the lines are much nicer.
    Scot builds some nice flexes. I checked out the E this weekend and a nice fast rod. Not sure on the G, but I had a Scott 3 pc (not sure what model anymore, brother in-law has it) but it was a sweet med. I feel like the Eclipse is a sweet med/fast.
    You fished your Grandfathers boo, I think that you might be use to the extra weight of the ol boo's, plus maybe that Pendilum feel, which you are NOT going to get with plastic.
    I would say as everyone else, try turning slightly side ways and watch your cast. Try powering a little more (like hammering a nail in the wall) Not to the point that it is uncomfortable.
    I prefer a WF for everything, but I do use DT for special apps. I think most of the new rods are set up to work well with both however.
    Again I will say to slow down. The tip of that boo did all the work, let the Scott do the same.
    One more note: It is fine to go one up on the line, but personally I prefer not to on a floating, due to the diameter gets larger and harder to mend on the water. I also prefer the Super Fine lines and Sylk for their smaller diameter.

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    Many fly shops recommend overloading all rods. I hear people say, This rod doesn't load right! When I watch them cast, their backcast is poorly executed and the caster is not loading the rod, usually forming a large loop. To correct this lack of backcast loading they give the forward cast too much initial acceleration adding insult to injury. Overlining should not be a technique to help a poor caster.

  7. Default Re: What am I doing wrong???

    I've tried overloading a couple of rods. I overlined a 5wt and an 8wt rod in years past and went right back to the correct wt for the rod. I kept thinking it would be easier to load and throw, but in the end it just made my casting worse then it already was. Now I tried this after fly fishing for many years with matching fly line, don't know if that was a difference or not, but I'm sure it was. I also like using fast action rods the most. Don't know if I recommend it or not, but I say if you think it helps your casting and doesn't break your rod, then go for it.
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    From what I can find, I am assuming that the G is a med action (is this correct?)I am getting more into the parbolic action. The beefed up tip seems to take all the guess work out. Putting all the strength in the butt (where I think it works best).Up date us on how you are doing. I would think that starting out with a boo would be good exercise, but if it weighed a ton like the older one do, you might be trying to power it too much and messing with your back cast like mentioned.

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