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    Default casting distance

    What kind of distance do you guys get when casting? I'm practicing to see just what kind of distance I can get, there seems to always be a time when you wish you could throw just a few more feet. Right now I can get to a little bit over 70' with a 9ft 8wt setup. I've only been throwing for a couple weeks so I figure as my technique gets better I hope to get out further.

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    Default Re: casting distance

    Seventy foot casts are pretty darn good 'pond', in my case there are seldom any casts that are much longer. By now you've figured out that consistently casting a fly to such distances takes a considerable amount of energy and not all of the casts work out. I would say that if you are doing this kind of distance after only 2 weeks you are doing great.


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    Default Re: casting distance

    Yah, what Ard said. Most people never break the 80' or so distance. If you are doing 70 foot casts already you are doing great.

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    Default Re: casting distance

    Thanks Ard and Dan. I wasn't totally green though when I started a couple weeks ago. I had a fly rod that I used a couple times about 15 years ago. It didn't work well for me and I gave up on it, but I remembered the basic mechanics of a fly cast. Casting that distance is not a normal need for me, just the occasional time when I can't get any closer before I cast. I just wasn't sure what kind of casts I could expect when I get my technique down.

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    Default Re: casting distance

    It all depends where I'm fishing and what rod I'm using. With my 5'8" 4wt, I'm normally casting less than 40 or 50 ft. With my 8'9" model, I'll extend my reach by 60 or 70 ft.

    When I had my 7'6" 4wt, I was breaking the 65 or 70 foot mark while practice casting. I was measuring these casts with a yardstick for accuracy.

    On a boat ramp, dam, dock, or private bridge (or other elevated structure), I'll try to cast the entire flyline for fun!



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    Default Re: casting distance

    Seriously, I would work very hard at perfecting the basic casting technique before trying for great distance. Taking this in steps will make you a more well rounded fly caster.
    With a good, solid foundation you will eventually be able to do everything you need to with grace and uber-smoothness. Between your feet and that 90' cast are many fabulous casts that will help you catch fish when others can't.

    Also, just starting out I would highly recommend getting a lesson or two from a certified casting instructor. Some charge, some don't, but in any respect you will find the learning curve greatly reduced and you won't waste hours and rotator cuffs correcting bad habits.

    Just a little advice. Okay, maybe a lot.

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    Default Re: casting distance

    a 30 foot well placed cast will work better than a 70 foot "distance" cast all day every day.


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    i should add that this is only simple casting advice for any caster.



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    Default Re: casting distance

    At this stage of the game, I would not be concerned about distance. Concentrate on your mechanical foundation. From there, distance will come.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jackster View Post
    Also, just starting out I would highly recommend getting a lesson or two from a certified casting instructor. Some charge, some don't, but in any respect you will find the learning curve greatly reduced and you won't waste hours and rotator cuffs correcting bad habits.
    That's a darn good idea.


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    Default Re: casting distance

    I can cast out more than 70ft but I rarely need to. Most of the fishing I do is at less than 50ft. I am confident that I can hit my spot accurately at 50. I was casting the other day down at a local salmon hotspot and easily dropping flies at the feet of the other combat fishers on the river who were using bait casting rigs. The length was easily 70ft plus. It only served to **** them off.

    If I wanted to double haul I could go further but when it is not necessary...why bother.

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    Default Re: casting distance

    Similar advice here.

    When I started out, it was all about distance for me; nothing was ever long enough. But, I wasn't hooking many fish. Now I cast shorter distances; usually under 60' and I get a lot more fish on the line. But, many people still tell me to cast shorter distances, and they're almost always right.

    Getting good casting instruction from a certified instructor, as others have suggested, will help you a lot and, in my opinion, there is no good substitute for spending time on the water; it will teach you what kind of distances will be important to you in your fishing. Then you can adjust and perfect your casting for those distances.

    70' after only two weeks is really good!


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