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    Default Re: Ever pick up the wrong gear? or Waking up on time helps.......

    Well this has nothing to do with fishing, but last night I couldn't sleep because the damn chirping that smoke alarms do every now and then. So I got up and pulled out the battery of the one I thought it was . No sooner did I get in bed it happened again, so I did the other bedroom one. Still chirping so I shut off the breakers.

    Finally, I discovered what it was on the fourth trip, this new disposable cell phone I'd bought had the same chirping noise. Some nights you just can't win.


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    I keep all my gear in a giant hockey bag and sort out what I need for the day when I get to the river. Great planning right? No so fast Yat. One day last year in anticipation of a trip I took my vest out of the bag and rearranged and cleaned it out, went to bed, grabbed the bag in the morning and off I went. After an hour drive, I got to the river, strung up my rod, wadered up and reached for my vest....I left it sitting on the coffee table the night before. Dooh!!!

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    Default Re: Ever pick up the wrong gear? or Waking up on time helps.......

    Quote Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post

    I think it's the days that things don't go exactly as planned that make for the best of memories, at least they always garner a smile when we remember them.

    Ard, I agree with that.

    I think that when you stop and look back on your life, you probably won't remember a single day that you were doing the ordinary things, but you'll probably remember all of the days that you were doing something special and the comical, screw-up days definitely fall into the "special" category.

    Having said that...............I won't make that same comical, s-u again!


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